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This Nazi Group Was Sued for Disrupting LGBTQ+ Events & Drag Story Hours

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Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell is taking the first step towards holding a neo-Nazi group accountable for their disruptive actions against the society.

AG Campbell has filed a lawsuit against the National Socialist Club (NSC-131) because of “an escalating series of unlawful and discriminatory incidents.” Most of these incidents target events of the LGBTQ+ and immigrants.

The suit was filed last week. It accuses NSC-131 and its leaders, Christopher Hood and Liam McNeil, of consistently propagating violent and coercive conduct. This ultimately interferes with rights secured by state and federal law. 

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The group also faces accusations of unlawfully obstructing access to public accommodations. Places they don’t block, they are known to damage, deface, and unlawfully intrude upon.

NSC-131 fancies itself a Nazi organization. As such, it does things it claims will identify and fight the “enemies” of “true white New Englanders.”

One of NSC-131’s popular activities is its repeated attempts to disrupt public events organized by LGBTQ+ groups. The lawsuit claims that between July 2022 and January 2023, NSC-131 shut down four family-friendly drag queen story hour events. All in Massachusetts.

The complaint says: “During this campaign, uniformed NSC members engaged in street fighting, assaulted members of the public, and interfered with access to event spaces in public libraries.”

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“NSC has repeatedly indicated that it targeted the Drag Queen Story Hour events because of the sexual orientation and/or gender identity of the people involved in organizing the events, the performers at the events, and/or the people attending the events,” it continues.

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At a January 2023 event, NSC members got into the Taunton Public Library. They got busy terrorizing families with small children. That’s after bursting into the room where the event was happening wearing ski masks.

According to the complaint, people in the venue feared a violent attack. This is because of the NSC members’ appearance and how they entered the room.

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“NSC members called out to parents that they were helping to ‘groom’ their children for sexual abuse; they also called the performer a ‘pedophile,’ a ‘street whore,’ and other insults.”

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The suit also alleges that the group is fond of targeting hotels providing emergency shelter to immigrants to the U.S. They have done so on five separate occasions between October 2022 and October 2023.

Campbell’s office is seeking injunctive relief against NSC-131 and its leaders. The AG also demands “monetary awards related to civil penalties, damages, and other costs, amongst other forms of potential relief.” 

“My office will continue to do all it can to protect our residents’ and visitors’ civil rights and public safety,” he says. 

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