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Alex Jones Admits that He May Go Obsolete Soon During a Recent Interview 

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Everyone knows Alex Jones as an everyday disruptor. Find a huge wave of controversial discourse going on in the US, and Jones is likely to be at its head, riding it till the last ebb.

Alex Jones testifying at his defamation trial
Source: Law&Crime Network/YouTube

However, the right-wing conspiracy theorist seems to have done some introspecting about his future. In Jones’ own words, he is “almost obsolete.”

Jones made a slip of this statement during a recent interview he had on X with Tucker Carlson. Jones and Carlson have always maintained a cordial relationship. However, Jones seems to be saying goodbye to mainstream media. During his interview with Tucker, Jones expressed his appreciation to the Fox correspondent for his professional support. Jones’ announcement comes in the wake of the various challenges he is currently dealing with.

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Alex Jones had to file for bankruptcy last year. He was found guilty of hurtful misinformation about the Sandy Hook shooting. Jones was a ringleader of a conspiracy theory about the shooting being a hoax.

According to conspiracists, the kids who allegedly died never existed. A judge would later rule that Mr Jones should pay the families of the victims of the shooting $1.5 billion.

Since then, it has been a downward spiral for Jones which explains the grim prophecy about his future. However, Jones does not seem to have lost hope. He told Carlson that after he departs from mainstream media, he is expecting other right-wingers like himself to rise into prominence.

He even mentioned some talk show hosts that may fill the shoes better than himself. Joe Rogan, Russell Brand and Steve Bannon made it to Jones’s succession list.

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Jones suggests that he would retire once he notices that his career has inspired a score of other influencers like himself. He believes the new arrivals will find their footing in no time. And this happens, Jones mentioned that he would then proceed to “disappear like Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

During the 90-minute interview, Jones mentioned to Carlson how difficult it is to restart a venture that the authorities are actively and repeatedly trying to stamp out. According to the die-hard media influencer, he won’t leave the media space until it becomes impossible to voice his theories and ideas.

At such a point, Jones suggests that he would pack it up, and move to some unknown location. Jones suggests he would produce his shows without disruptions at this new haven.

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To express his support and comradeship with Jones, Carlson once compared Jones to the greats of journalism in the US. He cited NBC’s Ken Dilanian and CBS’s Margaret Brennan. Carlson said he reckons Jones to be a far better journalist than the duo.

Unfortunately, Jones is still heading to the peak of his financial woes. So far, he has been unable to pay any of the $1.5 billion damages levelled against him in the first defamation lawsuit. However, Jones may still be facing another major suit in Texas after the parents of a six-year-old victim of the shooting are suing him.

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