Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Republican-Led House Edges Closer to Biden Impeachment Inquiry Decision

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On Thursday, December 7, U.S. House of Representatives members from the Republican party initiated a procedural step toward authorizing their impeachment investigation of President Joe Biden. 

This represents a further development in the continuing Republican probe, which the White House has constantly dismissed as unfounded. House Republicans allege President Biden and his family improperly gained from policy decisions during Biden’s vice presidency, citing financial benefits.

They also claim the U.S. Department of Justice interfered in an investigation involving Hunter Biden, with the Justice Department denying wrongdoing.

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On Thursday, Republican Representative Kelly Armstrong introduced a 14-page resolution to enable a full House vote on authorizing the probe. The timeline for the resolution reaching the floor for a vote in the full House is currently unclear.

The requests for comments from representatives for House Speaker Mike Johnson remain answered. House Republicans have not been successful in presenting evidence linking Biden’s actions as vice president to his son’s businesses.

Even if the House passed articles of impeachment, it seems unlikely that the Senate, where the Democratic Party has a tiny majority, would vote to convict the president.

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There is no evidence of an impeachable offense,” stated Jamie Raskin, the leading Democrat on the House Oversight Committee. Former President Donald Trump, currently the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in the 2024 election against Biden, has expressed support for the inquiry.

Notably, Trump is the only U.S. president to face impeachment twice. Although the Senate acquitted him on both occasions, falling short of the two-thirds majority required for conviction.

The White House characterized the Republicans’ investigation of Biden as a political endeavor. “This baseless stunt is not rooted in facts or reality,” remarked White House spokesperson Ian Sams. He added that it reflects extreme House Republicans’ shameless desire to abuse their power to smear President Biden.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy launched the investigation on September 12, kicking off months of congressional investigations into the president and his family. Understanding that an inquiry is a preliminary step before the probable passage of impeachment articles is vital.

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Since the inquiry began, the House Oversight Committee has only had one public hearing. In addition, the House Judiciary and Ways and Means Committees interviewed numerous officials.

These committees also issued subpoenas for financial data about Biden’s family and requested testimony from Biden’s family members, business associates, and other officials. Hunter Biden has stated his willingness to testify openly, but House Republicans insist on a closed-door deposition before any public testimony.

In response, they threatened Hunter Biden with contempt of Congress if he did not appear for the December 13 deposition. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan stressed the importance of the vote. He argued that it was necessary to give Republicans more leverage in a legal dispute.

The Biden administration has mentioned a “slip opinion” made during Trump’s first impeachment hearing. According to this view, without a vote in the House, an impeachment inquiry lacked the necessary authorization.

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