Monday, June 17, 2024
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Joe Biden Humiliated After Republicans Debunk Claims of “Lowering Prices”

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After taking a victory lap for lower Thanksgiving meal prices, President Joe Biden faced humiliation from Republicans. During a speech on the supply chain issues facing the U.S., Biden bragged about reducing gas prices, groceries, and airline flights.

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Also, Biden attempted to shift blame away from his administration for consumer prices after admitting they were “still too high.”

However, Republicans refuted Biden’s claim by taking to social media platform X to call him out for misinformation. “FACT: Since Biden took office, airfare is up 21 percent.” The Republican National Committee wrote. “Thanksgiving dinner was up 25 percent, and gas prices are $0.86/gallon higher.”

This comment is another instance of Biden struggling to prove and garner support for his administration’s economic policies. Garnering support for his administration’s plans is essential in the run-up to the 2024 election campaign.

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Inflation has indeed slowed, and prices of some things have dropped since last year. However, the cost of most items is still higher than before the pandemic. Although the President admitted that prices were still too high, he said the lower cost of Thanksgiving compared to last year is a win. However, Republicans argue that this is untrue.

According to the American Farm Bureau, which has tracked costs associated with the holiday since 1986, the cost of a Thanksgiving meal was 30% higher than in 2020 and 25% higher than in 2019. 

However, Biden said the cost of making a Thanksgiving meal this year was the “fourth cheapest ever on record.” “Together we made progress,” Biden said in his supply chain resilience speech. “You know, from turkey to air travel to a tank of gas, costs went down and went down. In fact, as a share of earnings, this Thanksgiving dinner was the fourth cheapest ever on record.”

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According to reports, Gas prices have fallen to an average of $3.25 for a gallon from $3.55 a year ago. But Republicans took issue with Biden’s claim of reducing gas costs and took to X. “FACT CHECK: Under Joe Biden, gas prices have been above $3 per gallon for over 900 days in a row.” 

On the other hand, Biden’s administration says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused the recent high inflation in gas prices. However, Republicans claim Biden’s stimulus spending caused the inflation.

In addition, Biden calls for companies to lower prices following years of record-high inflation under his administration. “Let me be clear: Any corporation that’s not brought their prices back down even as inflation has come down, even as supply chains have been rebuilt, it’s time to stop the price gouging. Give the American consumer a break,” he added.

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This speech echoes the tongue-lashing Biden gave oil companies in 2022 amid the then-record-high gas prices plaguing American families. However, many Americans do not see the appeal, especially since the prices of everyday items are still high. 

Republican Senator Markwayne Mullin also said something about Biden’s economic plans. He took to X and said, “Last year, Joe Biden’s broken policy agenda generated the highest inflation in 40 years.” “Americans have faced 33 straight months of rising prices, with food costs increasing every month since Biden took office. Americans aren’t buying the spin,” he added.

As more Americans struggle to buy into Biden’s economic plans, it could prove tricky for the 2024 election.

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