Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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HomeNewsDemocrats Turn on Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Administration Over Immigrant Crisis

Democrats Turn on Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Administration Over Immigrant Crisis

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Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson has come under fire for his response to the influx of illegal migrants in the State.

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Liberal lawmakers in Chicago have expressed their displeasure about how immigrants are descending into the City after illegally crossing the border. Consequently, they are calling for the resignations of more than half a dozen city officials.

According to reports, Democratic Alderman Raymond Lopez, Anthony Beale, and Independent Anthony Napolitano sent a letter to Johnson. They demanded the removal of officials who were responsible for a failed winterized tent camp for 2,000 immigrants. 

“What we have seen in Brighton Park does not show members of your administration as being either serious, deliberative or collaborative in addressing this issue,” the alderman wrote in his letter.

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Governor J.B Pritzker (D-IL) scrapped Chicago’s plans to build a migrant camp in Brighton Park, citing environmental concerns at the site. Afterward, Illinois announced that it blocked the plans because experts found cancerous, toxic chemicals at the tent site. 

Consequently, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency reviewed a 700-page environmental impact report that the City released. The report revealed mercury in the soil at the proposed campsite. However, the City argued that they have since removed it. 

Following his intervention, Gov. Pritzker criticized the Johnson administration. He called the administration out for how it tried to shelter thousands of immigrants on unsafe land amid resident protests.

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Pritzker said that while the City might be comfortable placing asylum seekers on a toxin-filled site, the State is not. “This site will not move forward as a shelter with State involvement,” Pritzker said.

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In addition, the council members lamented that the City had wasted an unspecified amount of taxpayer money. He added that the City attempted to build on cancerous soil without caring about people’s health and safety but failed. According to reports, the City had almost completed the winterized campsite. 

Following the new development, the City has not selected an alternative site to house immigrants. Also, according to ABC-7, the City currently houses more than 13,000 immigrants in city shelters.

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Due to the health and safety concerns associated with the winterized camp, lawmakers have called on the immediate ouster of some of the Johnson administration officials. Some of them are Garien Gatewood, Beatriz Ponce de Leon, Lori Lypson, Alyxandra Goodwin, Cristina Pacione-Zayas, Maura McCauley, and Matthew Richards.

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The immigrant crisis in sanctuary cities began earlier in the Biden administration. When he became President, Biden reverted most immigration laws, and now the U.S. has a high number of immigrants crossing the southern border daily.

Consequently, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) made a show in 2022 by providing buses for immigrants to take to cities, including Chicago. While some immigrants have chosen to pay for buses, trains, and flights to get to their destinations, others haven’t. Consequently, the number of migrants in northern cities has skyrocketed.

However, the State cannot provide shelter for the many immigrants arriving daily. While winter officially starts in some days, Johnson promised a more formal plan to house migrants.

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