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D. Earl Stephens Warns: Nobody Is Coming to Save Americans; We Must Save Ourselves and the Country!

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According to author and journalist D. Earl Stephens, it’s been over 2,575 days since Americans voted an “ill-mannered, racist, narcissistic goon” into office. He revealed that the 2016 election was so dreadful that he considers its terrible implications daily.

The 2016 elections left a lasting impact because the aftermath showed a different side of Americans. It is now verifiable that some Americans will incinerate any good the nation has collectively done to ride to the defense of its original sin.

According to Stephens, major media outlets have wholly failed Americans. He said they naively search for both sides of the election, which could end with losing their freedoms.

In addition, they refuse to report what the terrible end of America’s Democracy will look like. Instead, they feed Americans with worthless polls and lazily amplify unsubstantiated numbers that indicate the end is near.

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Also, Stephens called out Merrick Garland’s Justice Department. He said the department should protect the Democracy of Americans the second the government swore it into power. According to Stephens, the department, instead, tied itself in knots and held itself hostage.

“There will never be an adequate excuse for this history-making dereliction of duty,” Stephens said. Talking about Trump’s alleged coup attempt, he felt Garland should have responded swiftly, ensuring that it could never happen again.

He said Garland was either listening to sinister forces or didn’t understand it was a pressing issue. In addition, Stephens suggested that Garland criminally said and did nothing about the January 6, 2021, attack on the country.

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POLL — Should Donald J. Trump Be Allowed to Run for Office?

Consequently, he said Garland snuffed out the hope that Republicans would help save America’s dying Democracy. Nonetheless, Republicans support the “odious thug” who allegedly attempted a coup after losing an election by over 7 million votes. Besides, he calls our military “suckers and losers” and is facing 91 felony counts for all manner of crimes.

Some of the former president’s alleged crimes include pushing state legislators and election officials to change electoral votes won by Biden to votes for Trump. In addition, Trump’s indictment says he tried to use the power of the Justice Department to fuel election conspiracy theories. 

Also, he pressured Vice President Mike Pence to delay the certification of the election or reject legitimate electors. Besides, his indictment also shows vivid evidence of Trump showing sensitive and classified information to people without security clearance. 

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Unfortunately, this is the GOP’s overwhelming choice to lead them and us. According to Stephens, there’s no sanitizing it. It is conspicuous and perilous.

Aside from the dark forces in the GOP’s fiery camps, it turns out that too many white people in America still have an appetite for hate. They have set their clocks back 160 years to get a seat at the table. In regards to the upcoming election, Stephens said most of the Trump supporters are weak little men.

Hence, he believes God will prevail, and Democrats will once again save America’s Democracy in 2024. Stephens said Americans are stronger and braver. He added they show repeatedly at the voting booth that they are not backing down. Stephen said, “We still believe in our country, warts and all.”

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