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HomeNewsNew FBI Report Claims Schools Are Third Highest Locations for Hate Crime

New FBI Report Claims Schools Are Third Highest Locations for Hate Crime

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Poster of 2022 hate crimes report
Source: US Department of Justice

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released the findings of a study last week; its core was hate crimes in the United States. According to the study, US schools are the third most likely place to encounter hate crimes. 

Specifically, the Bureau discovered that 10% of all hate crimes that occurred in 2022 were reported within US schools. The interesting perspective of this study is that it suggests the majority of these school hate crimes occur in pre- and high schools. At least, this is true of hate crime reports between 2018 and 2022.

Hate crimes in schools take a backbench to only those that occur at home and on the road. A reminder of road rages being a thing in the US. The five-year study compiled a total of 1,300 cases of hate crimes in American schools and campuses. Surprisingly, 890 of those happened in secondary schools. 

In 2022, the study recorded an increase in instances of hate crime compared to the previous years. However, the FBI suggests this is due to the removal of social restrictions after the pandemic. During the lockdown, schools were shut down, students had to take online classes and were limited to virtually interacting with colleagues and instructors. 

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So, it is natural that the number of reported school hate crimes crashed during the lockdown and rebounded after physical attendance was reintroduced. 

During a press release to make the research findings public, reporters asked to know if there were any post-pandemic trends of hate crimes in schools. However, the FBI did not give a response to this. 

Instead, they shared an annual trend and seasonality in hate crimes across US schools. For example, the study suggests that hate crimes are more likely to occur within the third quarter of the year. To bolster this claim, the FBI revealed that a third (32.7%) of all the annual school hate crimes reported during the five-year study happened between October and December. 

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Now, to the victims. The study found that Blacks, African Americans, Jews, and members of the LGBTQ community (in that order) are the most likely victims of hate crimes in US schools. Between 2018 and 2022, there were 1,690 cases against Blacks and African Americans, 745 antisemitic attacks, and 741 homophobic attacks. 

To clarify, the FBI states that the method of reporting the frequency of hate crimes may not outrightly favor victims. Why? The reported figures do not account for the frequency of attacks by a particular offender or group. So, if a group commits hate crimes multiple times in a year, the report still counts it as one instance of hate crime. 

There were 12,896 instances of hate crime in 2020, despite the COVID-19 lockdown. The figure fell to 12,471 in 2021 and climbed to 13,347 in 2022.

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Summarily, this study by the FBI reveals that there was a 5,000 increase in hate crimes between 2018 and 2022. The report also points out that these hate crimes manifest in the form of vandalism, intimidation, and light assault. 

The FBI also clarified that they are making this data available to make the public aware of how serious hate crime is in US schools. However, they suggest that police and sheriffs take up the responsibility of taming the menace. The FBI is pointing out that their role is strictly investigative not law enforcement. 

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