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Police Detain Two Juveniles for Kansas City Shooting, Claim the Shooting Occurred From Private Dispute 

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An Injured Victim of the Super Bowl Celebration Shooting
Source: Irenebritusa/X

Kansas City Police have arrested two suspects over the Super Bowl celebration rally shooting on February 14, 2023. Pandemonium broke out during the rally, which attracted a massive crowd when gunshots rented the air in the thick of the celebration.

There was disarray amongst the crowd of over a million festive as they scampered for safety. Police say about 23 people were injured in the process, and unfortunately, a 43-year-old woman lost her life. So far, investigations have pointed fingers at two juveniles in the police net. 

According to police chief Stacy Graves, the ages of the 22 injured persons range from 8 to 47, while half of them are younger than 16. 19 of them are receiving treatment for gunshot wounds. 

Four hospitals received 30 patients, including Children’s Mercy Hospital, which took in 11 children, all under 15 years old. Nine of whom sustained gunshot wounds. 

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Graves, however, said that the shooting seemed to be “a dispute between several people that ended in gunfire.” She also dispelled any possible suspicions that the incident was related to “terrorism or homegrown violent extremism.” 

She also disclosed that three people were in custody on suspicion of committing the offense. But police have freed one of them after he was “determined to not be involved” in the shooting. 

Reports also disclosed that police questioned about 10 persons initially. After that, the number of detainees dropped to three and then two. Police are yet to disclose the status of the remaining seven. 

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Graves disclosed during a press conference that police haven’t yet filed any charges against the two juveniles in their custody. It appears that law enforcement isn’t yet satisfied with the results of their investigations so far. Police will need more time to probe the issue and come out adequately convinced of their findings. 

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The police chief said that the Kansas City Police is working hand-in-hand with the office of Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. Baker, on his part, has blown hot over the incident, vowing to “get answers” about the perpetrators of the shooting. 

The prosecutor is pretty embarrassed over the situation. On his X account, he posted, “I will use every tool at my disposal under Missouri law that allows me to address this tragedy.” 

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The shooting wasn’t the first for a sports title celebration. In June 2023, as fans dispersed from a Denver Nuggets NBA parade, gunshots rang out and killed two people. 

These incidents yet again bring the gun debate to the debate floor. Gun safety advocates are standing on these incidents to advocate for more regulation. 

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“Parades, rallies, schools, movies. It seems like almost nothing is safe,” lamented Mayor Quinton Lucas. There is tension and fear in many hearts who wonder which location or event could be next. 

The case should typically be adjudicated based on the state’s juvenile system. The system was designed for defendants under 18, providing a more private court process. 

But for cases such as this involving murder, the law allows juveniles above the age of 12 to be charged as adults. 

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