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Trump Launches Fresh Attacks on Democrats, Accuses Them of Running a “Gestapo Administration”

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A picture of Donald Trump
Sources: Wikimedia Commons

In a private event on Saturday, Donald Trump continued his criticism of Democrats. In his speech, he likened Biden’s administration to Nazi Germany and Democrats of running a Gestapo administration, according to three guests.

The Republican has accused the administration of the four criminal citations he is currently facing. This occurred over a longer outburst.

The Republican National Committee’s yearly retreat was held in Palm Beach as a fundraiser. Several individuals donated as much as $39,000, with some donating higher amounts. Hundreds of invitees attended the fundraiser.

According to the invitees, Trump cursed on multiple occasions during the speech, criticizing special counsel Jack Smith, among other prosecutors. The speech, which lasted for 90 minutes, saw him brag about his latest fundraising figures. 

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He also showered his potential vice presidential candidates with love while saying that many were begging to be his running mates. He took the stage to the recording of the January 6 anthem, where many are still facing charges for their participation in the 2021 Capitol attack, with some being convicted. 

Lara Trump, the Republican National Committee’s co-chair, awarded him with a Billboard Music Award for the top digital sales song, Justice for All. According to eyewitnesses, Trump started calling on random guests, offering them a chance to speak for a price of $1 million. Eventually, two guests took the opportunity. 

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One of the donors, taking the chance, took to the platform, declaring that God had selected Trump to be the president. In his address, he acknowledged RNC chairman Michael Whatley for his efforts to ensure transparency in the next election. 

The New York Times reported that during the speech, Trump made fun of William Barr, his previous attorney general, stating his need for a brave attorney general. Barr is an outspoken opponent of Trump, criticizing him since he left his office. However, he recently gave his support to Trump.

Trump also praised former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich for many minutes. Blagojevich was removed from office in 2009 due to allegations of corruption. In 2020, Trump reduced his prison term. He identifies himself as a Democrat who supports Trump.

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Later on, Trump threw Texas Representative Ronny Jackson a birthday celebration at the location. Jackson was one of Trump’s physicians while he was in office. The former president spoke about his campaign against Biden during the occasion, which also functioned as a fundraising opportunity.

Biden campaign spokesperson, James Singer, has stated Trump’s speech emphasizes his self-centered campaign themes of fury, revenge, dishonesty, and penalty.

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