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Family of Teen Apologizes After Son Caught Dumping Trash in the Ocean

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A picture of trash-dumping in the sea
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Following the culprit reporting himself to the authorities, the household of one of the two teenage boys accused of a crime for throwing garbage into the water body during the yearly bash party expressed their regret for the action.

The teenagers are seen in a video clip on 28 April speeding away from the wild party while heaving two garbage cans full of cans, plastics, and other bottles over the bar of their fishing boat. 

The clip shows the level of trash left swirling behind as the party boat moves away into the turbulent seas. From the bow of the boat, there is a clip of the teenagers smiling and waving.

As reported by the Miami News media, the teenagers involved, ages fifteen and sixteen, surrendered to the authorities. They are accused of generating water contamination to hurt or impair people’s health or well-being of animal, plant, or aquatic life or property, which is a third-degree crime.

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Through a representative, one of the teenager’s relatives sent Palm Beach News Media an electronic message. They stated that they took their obligation to ensure the water body was safe and secure for society solemnly and were deeply concerned by what transpired the past weekend at the event.

In the message, the family offered their regret at the situation that happened and those who were angry at the outcome. The family and the attorney have been in touch with the beach authorities and all officials who have approached them ever since the event occurred.

They also agreed with Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Chairman Rodney Barreto that the young children engaged should learn from their mistakes and get involved in neighborhood work and ocean preservation activities to further help their comprehension of the value of our surroundings and community.

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By checking the boat’s information, they were given a lead to the real owner’s location, which also enabled the authorities to locate the two lads. According to WFLA, the father informed detectives that this was not a depiction of who the family is and requested to talk with them when a lawyer was on the ground.

Prior to the youth conviction being made public, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission stated that they had made twenty detentions related to the event, including seventeen for operating a boat while intoxicated, even though there had been no serious mishaps or fatalities as a result of the event.

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However, none of the individuals detained sparked the same level of controversy as the garbage disposal event seen on camera online by Wavy Boats. At the committee gathering, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Chairperson Rodney Barreto remarked, that the situation had turned into a global phenomenon.

Every year on the last Sunday of April, approximately 6,000 to 10,000 partygoers converge on Lake Boca in their boats for a wild celebration, with online postings of pictures and videos of men and women dancing, jumping between boats in bikinis, and guzzling beers.

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