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DC Mayor Faces Backlash for Private Jet Flight to Tournament Amid Increasing Violent Crimes

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A picture of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser
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Democrat Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has seen her approval ratings nosedive in the past few months. Bowser’s approval rating, which has fallen below 50% in a heavily Democratic city, appears to be driven by her performance in the crime-ridden city.

More recently, Bowser sparked outrage among residents for traveling in a private jet to a golf tournament. The mayor took a private jet to attend The Masters golf tournament despite the increasing homelessness and violent crimes in her city. Consequently, residents criticized her.

According to reports, Bowser traveled with her senior adviser to the tournament in a private jet. Notably, the plane reportedly belongs to a real estate tycoon, Jodie McClean. Before Bowser’s trip to the game, McClean had always been a donor to her campaign, supporting the mayor financially.

However, when Bowser’s trip to the Augusta, Georgia, tournament in McClean’s Jet on April 13 became public, residents lost it. Bowser faced harsh criticism for traveling to the tournament on taxpayers’ money. However, the backlash worsened when residents discovered she traveled in a private jet.

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Although McClean reportedly covered the cost, residents took to X to express their frustration and concerns. One critic compared Bowser, the Mayor, to Bowser, a classic Super Mario Bros. Villain. “It takes a lot of work to make that guy from the Mario games the second-worst Bowser,” the critic wrote. “But somehow she did it.”

Another critic suggested that it was rare to find a Democrat who isn’t corrupt. “Is there such a thing as a deep blue politician that isn’t corrupt?” the user wrote, taking a swipe at Democrats. While many questioned Bowser’s taxpayer-funded lavish lifestyle, one simply went in for the kill. “She should be in prison,” the critic declared.

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As critics raged on, the mayor’s trip on McClean’s plane caught the attention of watchdog agencies. Due to the real estate tycoon’s business relationship with the city, watchdog groups worried about a possible conflict of interest.

However, a spokesperson for McClean’s company, EDENS, shot the rumors down. Furthermore, the spokesperson said the mayor and the company had an understanding that the trip would be reimbursed. However, this proved the point of critics who claimed the mayor was living an extravagant lifestyle on taxpayers’ money.

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As earlier stated, Bowser has struggled with her approval ratings as the November elections draw nearer. According to a Washington Post poll, the mayor’s rating has fallen below 50% as residents disapprove of her plan or lack thereof for the city’s crime rate and housing crisis.

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Washington D.C., like most cities nationwide, continues to reel in crime as gun violence increases across the country. However, the polls do not seem to faze Bowser, who says she sees them as “a snapshot” and “a report card.” Bowser said, “We always work hard, regardless of what polls say, to deliver for the people of the District of Columbia.”

Furthermore, Bowser noted that people will feel better as soon as the crime rates drop, hinting that the polls are not final. According to D.C. crime data, homicide rates in the city have gone down compared to the same time in 2023. However, reports show that the rate remains high, with nearly 60 victims of homicide in 2024.

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