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Critics Slam Sen Katie Britt for Proposing a Federal Database for Tracking Expecting Moms

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Since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, several Republican-led states have passed anti-abortion laws. These states include Texas, Arizona, Florida, and others. Some of these laws have sparked outrage and have led to lengthy court battles as abortion rights activists argue that they are unconstitutional.

Aside from contesting the legality of the laws, abortion rights advocates have also claimed that the rules are restrictive. They argue the bills restrict medical practitioners from providing medical care for pregnant women with complications. 

Activists also cite the Zurawski v. State of Texas lawsuit, which involved Texas denying a woman abortion despite a complicated pregnancy. As a result, the woman ended up having a closed fallopian tube due to scar tissue. Hence, Texas’ SB 8 and other Republican-passed abortion laws have faced strong opposition from activists.

More recently, Alabama senator Katie Britt proposed a “pro-life” bill that has faced strong criticism from abortion rights groups. According to reports, Britt introduced the More Opportunities for Moms to Succeed (MOMS) bill alongside Senator Marco Rubio and Kevin Cramer.

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Britt says the MOMS bill aims to provide “critical support” and other resources for expecting mothers. Furthermore, the bill introduced “,” a site where pregnant women can create profiles and input their data. While this may sound like a good innovation, critics were quick to point out its flaws.

Opponents pointed out that the site would collect users’ data having access to their personal information. However, proponents maintain that it would not. Furthermore, they claim that the bill would provide consent to use the user’s information.

Critics also pointed out that having users’ contact details to follow up with could lead to the invasion of users’ privacy. Britt further stated that the bill would provide a database of “pregnancy support centers.” Also, the senator noted that it will discourage women from seeking abortion, sparking widespread outrage.

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The bill, which she announced on X on Mothers’ Day, Sunday, May 12, 2024, faced harsh criticism from users. Many labeled it as another lousy law targeting women’s abortion rights. Others also condemned the video announcement, comparing it to her reaction to Biden’s SOTU in March.

In 2023, several Republican-led states passed strict abortion restrictions into legislation. Consequently, states without abortion restrictions experienced an influx of abortion-seeking patients. Florida also passed a six-week abortion ban, which went into effect on Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

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Notably, the six-week ban replaces a 15-week ban that has been in effect since the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022. Abortion rights groups heavily criticized the bill, arguing most women have no idea they’re pregnant at six weeks. However, efforts to rescind it have stalled. 

As the November election approaches, President Joe Biden has said that abortion rights are a fundamental right that he plans to uphold. However, his Republican opponent, Donald Trump, is yet to state his stance. From supporting abortion rights restrictions to saying it should be up to the state, Trump has been dancing around the topic.

According to polls, abortion rights are a significant concern for voters, and it could impact the election results. 

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