Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Secret Service Agents Demand Probe Into Biden’s DEI Policies Amid Female Agent’s Attack on Male Superior

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In another development involving the nation’s capital, a little over 30 US Secret Service officers have requested an investigation to determine whether the Biden administration’s DEI policies are impairing the agency’s capacity to carry out its primary duty.

A female Secret Service agent who was assigned to protect Vice President Kamala Harris was physically attacked in an incident that has sparked concerns about whether the agency had properly screened her before hiring her and whether efforts to increase the proportion of women in the service and increase workforce staffing levels, in general, had any bearing on her choice.

At least 39 USSS agents reportedly signed a petition last week asking Congress to investigate whether “diversity, equity, and inclusion” initiatives had become a danger to national security. These stories were shared on social media.

The agent who physically attacked her supervisor was named Michelle Herczeg by many sources inside the Secret Service community. The president’s and vice president’s planes, designated Air Force One and Air Force Two, are based at Joint Base Andrews.

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The argument took place at the base around nine in the morning. According to agency spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, Harris was at the U.S. Naval Observatory when the incident occurred, and it did not cause her travel plans to be delayed.

Two people acquainted with the situation said that Herczeg appeared at the terminal and started acting strangely, taking another senior agent’s personal phone and erasing the apps off of it. 

Herczeg’s strange actions persisted nonetheless. She then started talking to herself, hiding behind curtains, and hurling objects—including menstruation pads—at one agent, telling him he would require them later to save another agent. She also told her colleagues that they would burn in hell and that they should follow God’s instructions.

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Along with yelling at the special agent in charge (SAIC), Herczeg reportedly rattled off the names of female policemen assigned to the vice president’s detail, promising that they would come to her aid and permit her to carry on with her job. Herczeg was removed from her mission by SAIC due to suspicions of a mental breakdown.

Herczeg was then taken from the terminal by the agents on the spot, calling for medical assistance. Guglielmi stated that the agency would not “disclose further details” and that the occurrence was a medical issue.

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Some wonder if her hiring aimed to enhance diversity and may have led to a relaxation of standards to meet female quotas. The committee informed Director Wray of their plan to investigate the FBI’s obsession with pursuing DEI initiatives.

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