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Congress Breaks Into Chaos After Marjorie Taylor Greene Insults Rep. Jasmine Crockett’s False Lashes

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Last Thursday, Chaos broke out in a congressional hearing. The Capitol Hill session suddenly turned rowdy after legislators started throwing words at each other. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Representative Jasmine Crockett were at the center of it as they started the altercation.

This occurred during the House Oversight Committee meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt for refusing to release an audio recording of the President’s interview with a special counsel. 

The audio tape was between audio recordings between President Joe Biden and Special Counsel Robert Hur. Concerning the audio tapes, Biden asserted executive privilege.

Greene inquired if any Democrats on the panel were hiring Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter. Merchan is in charge of Trump’s hush money trial in Manhattan, and chaos broke out at the night’s Oversight meeting.

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The decision to let Greene stand for further verbal attack during the hearings was the totality of the mayhem recorded on Thursday night. Although a vote of 22 to 20 was held on it, the panel, in the end, agreed to grant it. 

Greene is an arch user and a master of polarization, and Rep. Lauren Boebert has some unsettled score to settle with Georgia representative. Following this, Mr. Crockett confronted Ms. Greene, asking if she knew the business of the meeting.

Rep. Greene, refusing to be disrespected, told her that she thought her fake eyelashes were getting in her way of reading. In actual voting, she was only two chairs away from her protege.

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Sometime later, when everybody seemed to have regained their proverbial English composure, there was a serious debate on what terms were going to be permitted during the hearings.

James Comer, an individual and chair of the Oversight Committee, stated and affirmed that Greene did not offend the House rules. Greene, on her part, also insulted Crockett, who sought an explanation of those regulations.

Following the House Judiciary Committee, which occurred hours later, the vote passed 24–20, with participants dividing along party lines. The whole House will now vote on the contempt charge on the attorney general.

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Trump and the Republicans have been known to target people whom they deem progressive. They have gone after Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter because she works for a digital company they deemed progressive.

The Oversight Committee changed the schedule of the contempt hearing that was initially supposed to be at 11 a. m. every Thursday to 8 p. m. This was done so that many Republican committee members could be part of Trump’s Manhattan trial.

The boisterous portion of the hearing, which started around half an hour into the proceedings, eventually ended when the panel decided to let Greene finish.

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