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Police Arrests Over 30 Students at GWU’s Pro-Palestinian Encampment 

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A picture of a Pro-Palestinian protest
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Early on Wednesday, police broke up a pro-Palestinian camp at George Washington University and took about thirty protestors into custody. These actions followed similar ones that had occurred on other campuses nationwide in recent weeks.

Since April 25, the university students have been residing within the encampment. Around three in the morning, according to the Department, officers from the Metropolitan Police Department stormed the campus.

The university released a statement in which it said that police moved the protestors from the unlawful camp on GW’s University Yard in an orderly and safe manner.

Thirty-three people were taken into custody in all; one was charged with assaulting a police officer inside the university quad, while twenty-nine others were taken into custody and charged with illegal entrance about a block away, according to Police Chief Pamela Smith during a press conference on Wednesday morning.

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MPD reportedly refused to involve the police in removing the protesters in accordance with the university’s request because they were afraid a fight could break out. The student demonstrator’s site on the campus was located a few miles from the White House.

Smith claimed that the department issued this statement back to front because it knew that undercover counter-protesters had been present at the event. The authorities disclosed that protestors at the campsite were accumulating supplies.

The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights shared videos on social media showing protestors rioting and getting pepper-sprayed by police. Revolutionaries shouted, ‘Hands off Palestine’ and ‘No justice, no peace.’

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Police sprayed more protestors with pepper at a checkpoint after dismantling tents. This was approved by Executive Assistant Chief Jeffery Carroll. He stated that the protesters would not be able to continue camping in that location.

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This demonstrates the questionable and unethical actions that occurred on the day of the eviction. The raid occurred just hours before Bowser and Smith’s scheduled hearing before the House Oversight Committee.

Incidentally, it was initially set for Wednesday at 1 p.m., but Republican Chair James Comer canceled it. He also said that he had a nice chat with Bowser and expressed gratitude to her for giving the order.

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The hearing, led by Comer, aimed to address concerns about MPD’s inaction toward removing antisemitic protestors from the university. During a committee visit to the encampment last week, he announced the hearing.

In a statement released last Wednesday, the institution described the police operation as “orderly and safe” and reported no significant injuries.

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In light of Israel’s conflict in Gaza, protesters are calling on colleges to withdraw their financial links to the nation. The demonstrations has been taking place on college campuses around the US since last month, are also against US military assistance to Israel.

 A New York Times investigation states that over 2,500 people have been arrested or imprisoned during the ensuing police crackdown.

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