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Kim Kardashian Gets Booed at Tom Brady’s Roast

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The new Netflix comedy special has got us talking, except this time the topic isn’t about Brady, but Kim Kardashian. Kim is probably the only person to have been more shaded than Tom Brady during his celebrity roast.

The special titled “Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady” was livestreamed on Netflix as part of the network’s comedy festival. On Sunday night, during the premiere, the founder of SKIMS was jeered.

The reality actress responded to the rumored relationship with the former Patriots player while she was getting jeered, although it ended in an ovation.

Kardashian went a little far when she said that Brady reminds her too much of Caitlyn Jenner, so a relationship with him wouldn’t work out. She spoke about his looks and his standing as a former sportsman, saying he reminds her of her dad a lot.

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She ended her part with a dig at her father, Robert Kardashian Sr., referencing his role in OJ. Simpson’s acquittal from murder charges. She said she would loved to fight back on his behalf, but enough of her family have defended football players. O.J. Simpson passed away at age 76 last month.

Later, Brady retaliated by taking a shot at Kardashian and her ex, Kanye West. He said he is aware that she was terrified of coming, but the reason was that her kids were with their dad.

It was not just Kim K making a joke about Brady’s romantic life. Nikki Glaser, a known comedian, took a different method to his roast. He made jokes about Brady’s ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, by mentioning his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan.

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The now 53-year-old Moynahan and Brady ended their relationship in 2006, months before the movie star told the world she was pregnant. At the time of the reveal, Brady and Bündchen had gotten together. The pregnancy ended in 16-year-old Jack Moynahan, whose custody is shared by both parents.

Will Ferrell also made an appearance by playing his well-known character Ron Burgundy from Anchorman. He chose to pattern his jokes after Glaser’s, referring to Brady’s divorce. He also commented on his relationship with Moynahan. 

Despite all the shades and shots being fired, it seems that Netflix only chose to cut out the boo despite the recovery she made.

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Another part cut out was when Kevin Hart, the roast master, tried calming the crowd. The version on the platform has been edited, according to a disclaimer. These were the only parts removed from the original version that premiered live on the media platform.

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It was quite surprising that the only thing about Kim that was removed from the original version was the boos. This news generated unrest in some people because of the contentious jokes that were made about her during the event.

Kim became the target of various jokes, including one by Tony Hinchcliffe about her previous partners. The entire joke, which was repulsive, sparked outrage on X right away, with detractors pointing out its obvious misogyny and vulgarity.

Some were surprised that Netflix hadn’t taken it down along with the booing in light of the harsh criticism.

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