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Kanye West Tells Kim Kardashian to Take Their Kids Out of Their School

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A photo of Kanye West with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian
Source: People

In an Instagram post, Kanye West expresses dissatisfaction with his children’s school in California, urging Kim Kardashian to take their 4 children out of the ritzy private school they all attend. The school, SIERRA CANYON, faced West’s criticism in a recent social media post.

Referring to it as a “fake school for celebrities,” West emphasizes the influence of “the system” in his post. The couple’s four children, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, are affected by the situation. The image he posted read, “KIM TAKE MY KIDS OUT OF SIERRA CANYON NOW IT’S A FAKE SCHOOL FOR CELEBRITIES THAT ARE USED BY ‘THE SYSTEM.”

His caption was just as telling — with Ye adding, “At this point everybody knows what “the system” is code word for 👀 I was removed from my dad by the system and the system removed me from my children.”

Kanye West continued, “When the system drafts athletes, they avoid working with those who have their father in their life because they are harder to manipulate. My two oldest know they daddy is.”

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Kanye sounded firm in his stance here, but he quickly yanked this down — probably after a call from Kim and her lawyers, we presume. Still, it’s pretty obvious this is 100% how he feels.

The former couple finalized their divorce in 2022 and shared four young kids: North, 10; Saint, 8; Chicago, 6; and Psalm, 4. Kim Kardashian has not yet publicly responded to Ye’s comments.

Many of Ye’s more than 20 million followers jumped into the comments section of his post to slam him for disclosing his kids’ school to the public.

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“Why would you tell people where the kids go? Smh,” one user questioned. Another said: “You mean to tell me you don’t have her private number to discuss this ‘serious matter’ involving your kids? Or do you prefer to let the whole world know?”

West’s frustration extends to the systemic issues he perceives, which is evident in his caption, where he alludes to his own experiences. He implies that “the system” separates families and undermines paternal roles, citing personal struggles with paternal access. West’s commentary suggests a broader critique of societal norms, particularly regarding celebrity influence and systemic biases.

While West’s sentiments are clear, Kardashian’s response remains unknown. Billboard has contacted her representative and the school for comment, reflecting the public interest in the matter. This incident isn’t isolated; West previously voiced concerns about his children’s education in his music, notably on “Carnival.”

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In an attempt to address his concerns, West founded the Donda Academy, named after his late mother. However, the K-12 Christian academy faced controversy and closed down in October 2022 due to West’s controversial remarks and hate speech.

We know for a fact that Kanye has railed against “Jewish indoctrinated” schools… and we also know he’s griped about his kids going to an institution he considers to be exactly this.

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So, his not-to-subtle reference to what he considers “the system” is beyond just coded language. It’s basically a bullhorn, and he’s wearing his sentiments on his sleeve.

In essence, West’s recent social media post sheds light on broader issues within education and societal structures. While his approach may be unconventional, it sparks conversations about parental rights, educational standards, and celebrity influence.

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