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Trump Plans Political Fundraiser for His Day-Off Hush-Money Trial

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On the day that he requested a recess from his payoff money lawsuit in order to make it to the high school commencement of his boy Barron, former President Trump is suddenly scheduled to be the featured speaker at a donor event. Trump will be the featured speaker at the Minnesota GOP Party yearly banquet on May 17, the party announced.

According to Republican party Chairman David Hann, former President Trump’s return to Minnesota is a great delight. He added that no one is more deserving to be with us at such a time as this than Trump.

Barron’s ceremony is scheduled to take place in West Palm Beach, Florida, which is about three hours and forty-five minutes away by air from Saint Paul, Minnesota, where the fundraising will be held. The school ceremony begins at 10:00 a.m. The start time of the GOP party donor event is unknown.

Meanwhile, Trump made a bogus allegation that the court in his secret money lawsuit would not allow him to take a recess so as to enable him to attend his boy’s graduation ceremony, which explains his packed plans that day.

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The defense counsel for former president Trump requested that the court grant the accused a break day at the beginning of the case in April.

Magistrate Juan Merchan informed Trump that he would not be able to fulfill the request if the case was proceeding over its allocated time and that he would not make a judgment until the hearing had started. Meanwhile, Trump blasted the magistrate, accusing him of preventing him from being present for the important occasion.

According to Trump’s post on April 15, my son Baron definitely needs some explanation as to why his dad could not make it to his graduation ceremony after years of waiting and talking about it. He continued, simply because a dishonest jury wants me in an illegal lawsuit that has no bearing and should not be deliberated on.

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Trump’s other sons and friends also shared their fury. Internet celebrity Jack Posobiec uploaded a clip collection that Donald Trump Jr. shared, labeling Magistrate Merchan’s fictitious ruling as evil.

Eric Trump also regarded Magistrate Merchan as wicked and heartless for not allowing a father to witness his son’s graduation ceremony. Sen. Mike Lee of Utah described the ruling as intentional and on purpose, while Senatorial nominee Kari Lake referred to the jury as dishonest and wicked.

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Magistrate Merchan eventually approved the appeal in spite of all the complaints, stating on April 30 that Trump’s taking a day break to give him room for his son’s special occasion was not an issue since the case was proceeding according to plan.

Additionally, Trump previously said that President Biden would not return there if he secured a victory in Minnesota in the 2020 election. This will coincide with his visit to the state on May 17. 

According to the former president, he said he was not going to visit the state again should he lose to his contender, President Biden, in the previous election movement in 2020.

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