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NewsMax Host Defends Kristi Noem’s Book Amid Controversy

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Over the past week, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has been in the news for several reasons. From being banned from nearly 20% of her homeland to killing her family dog and “meeting” Kim Jong Un. For context, Noem, a potential Trump running mate in the November elections, has been on a publicity tour for her memoir, “No Going Back.”

However, the tour hit a roadblock after it became public that Noem lied about meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in one of the passages in her book. Also, Noem’s account of what happened with her family dog annoyed many and has received widespread backlash.

While speaking to Noem on Monday, May 6, NewsMax host Eric Bolling asked the Governor about her book. The reporter asked if a “liberal plant” sabotaged her book. While Bolling’s question sounds plain, critics fume the right-wing channel is playing apologist for Noem’s woes.

Bolling also cited his experience as a writer, noting that editors and authors are fond of “adding” and “subtracting.” The TV host also made a rough attempt to let Noem off easily, trying to blame the book’s editor. However, the Republican Governor pushed back at the effort.

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“I’m not sure either of the stories, the dog story or the North Korea story, seems like the Kristi Noem I know,” Bolling said. However, Noem maintained her stance, claiming responsibility for the stories in the book. “The buck always stops with me; I take my own full responsibility,” she said. 

“I wrote this book, and I take the responsibility for what’s in it,” she added. Furthermore, the governor said her memoir is a great book and that she hopes people will buy and read it. However, many say Noem’s response was a lie, like most of the events she narrated in her memoir.

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Many claim she hasn’t taken full responsibility for the stories published in the book. She hasn’t clarified her supposed meeting with Kim Jong Un. Although Noem noted that she would remove the story from her book after her spokesperson acknowledged “small errors,” she hasn’t denied the meeting.

Also, the cruel nature of the story about her family dog, Cricket, who Noem killed for misbehaving after a hunt, didn’t sit well with many. Supporters and critics alike questioned why the governor didn’t give the dog up for adoption instead. However, in response, Noem said hers was the dog’s second home.

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Furthermore, Noem justified her actions by comparing killing her family dog to making tough political decisions. She said leaders must make tough decisions even when others don’t agree with them. However, the heat got worse when Noem suggested that President Joe Biden do the same to his dog, Commander, who bit Secret Service agents.

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Hence, the memoir, which started as a PR, quickly became a nightmare. Critics also took a swipe at Bolling, saying his claim about a supposed “left-wing plant” was ridiculous. They pointed out that the book publisher Hachette’s Center Street is conservative, putting the sabotage claims to rest.

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