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Governor Kristi Noem Banned by Another South Dakota Tribe

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Just some time after the dog incident, Governor Kristi Noem is yet in another controversy. This week, a different tribe exiled the South Dakota governor, preventing her from stepping in roughly twenty percent of her state.

This is a response to her remarks about tribal officials receiving benefits from drug gangs. This decision was deliberated by the leaders of the sixth tribe.

Noem faced backlash for a story in her book about killing a misbehaving hunting dog, leading to developments in an ongoing tribal conflict. It is still unclear how these problems will damage her prospects of being selected as Trump’s running mate.

Earlier this week, the Sissteon-Wahpeton Oyate tribe banned Noem. Subsequently, on Friday, the Yankton Sioux Tribe’s leadership committee recommended that Noem be outlawed. However, a vote by the tribe’s general council was required before Noem can be prohibited from their territory. 

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To prevent her from entering their reservations, the Oglala, Rosebud, Cheyenne River, and Standing Rock Sioux tribes have already taken measures. Three other tribes have not yet banned her.

Noem’s public remarks in March accused tribal leaders of aiding drug cartels on reservations, deepening divisions between tribes and the state.

When questioned on her response to the bans, Noem’s spokesman did not reply. However, she has previously said that, despite her disagreement with tribal elders, she believes many on reservations support her.

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Noem address the issue by posting a link to a YouTube channel featuring a law enforcement film regarding narcotics on reserves. She also discussed the matter in a post on X on Thursday.

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Noem declared that the leaders of the tribes should act by chasing the cartels away from their territory and accepting her offer to establish law and order while preserving their sovereignty. She also attacked the Biden administration, accusing it of not performing its duties.

This is not the first time the tribes and Noem have been at loggerheads. In 2019, she supported measures that targeted Keystone XL Pipeline protesters which saw her banned in three reserves. The creation of checkpoints at reserve borders during the COVID-19 epidemic to exclude unneeded visits also caused frictions. 

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There has always been a lengthy history of tense relations between the state’s Native Americans and the federal government. In 1890, soldiers halted the Ghost Dance ritual by firing on hundreds of Lakota at Wounded Knee.Her actions harm her chances with Trump, as he considers many potential vice presidents.

Noem is barred from running for governor again, so it’s unclear what will happen to her in politics if it’s not the vice-president position. Noem is serving as governor for a second time.

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