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Trump’s Potential Running Mate Kristi Noem Admits to Lying in Her Book

A picture of Donald Trump and Kristi Noem
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Trump’s Potential Running Mate Kristi Noem Admits to Lying in Her Book

Source: Pinterest

Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota and Donald Trump’s potential running mate in the next presidential election is about to publish her second autobiography.

However, rather than receiving appreciation, many individuals were confused by pre-release passages that they considered ludicrous and unsettling. Some of the lies are just too large to be believed.

Reduced Chances of Winning

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The wave of criticism surrounding Kristi Noem’s book seems to be swiftly eroding her hopes of being the next vice president.

Excerpts from Noem’s book, which disclosed how she shot her 14-month-old pet, Cricket, appear to have seriously hurt the 52-year-old. As a result, there is now far less probability that Noem will be Trump’s running mate.

The Dog Was Aggressive

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Noem describes how the 14-month-old dog known as Cricket had an “aggressive personality” and needed training before he could be used for pheasant hunting.

She took the dog on a pheasant hunt, but her efforts were useless because she eventually shot it.

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Noem’s Explanation Of How the Dog Attacked Aggressively

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Kristi Noem said she brought Cricket along on the hunt to have the puppy pick up tips from the more seasoned dogs. But the dog, chasing all those birds and having a grand time, ruined the hunt.

While returning home, Cricket broke out of the car and began attacking the chickens of a nearby family. He would take one chicken at a time, crunch it to death with a single bite, and then drop it to attack another.

Compensation and Apology

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After the incident, Noem wrote the grieving family a cheque for the hens that died. She said she apologized and assisted them in getting rid of the bodies.

She detested Cricket for that as she was the root of everything, and it also seemed that Cricket was untrainable. “I realized I had to put her down,” Noem wrote, saying she killed Cricket by guiding her to a gravel pit.

Killing Her Family Goat

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Noem writes again about her family’s male goat, who was “nasty and mean, smelled horrible, and enjoyed chasing her children.” However, she decided to murder the goat as well.

According to Noem, the goat escaped the initial shot, so she returned to the truck, grabbed another shell, and shot him one more time, killing him.

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A Leaked Chapter

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In a leaked chapter from her book “No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward,” Noem writes about meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The paragraph said, “I’m sure he underestimated me, not knowing that I’d been a children’s pastor and had faced down young tyrants before.” She further notes that dealing with foreign leaders requires “resolution, planning, and determination.”

Is Noem Saying the Truth?

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The answer to that remains vague, as the potential Trump running mate hasn’t clarified whether her meeting with the North Korean president happened or said it was a lie. During her interviews, Noem repeatedly mentioned that she had met world leaders, but she never said if she had met Kim Jong-un.

She stated that she would not discuss any particular talks with international leaders. This anecdote was included in the book without permission, and she will remove it as soon as she is informed.

What the Story Illustrates

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As earlier stated, Noem took Cricket on a pheasant hunt with older dogs to calm the young dog and teach her manners. Instead, Cricket wrecked the hunt, going crazy with excitement and having the time of her life.

In her story, she illustrates that the Cricket scenario was to explain her gaminess in her political life. She further explains that she will do anything possible to get things done.

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It Seems Deliberate

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From her comment, Noem had previously read the autobiography aloud on the audiobook. So when Noem recorded it the first time, she read the falsehood about meeting with the North Korean president.

The mistake then ought to have been discovered earlier. It’s still unclear why this information wasn’t rectified much sooner by anyone, not even Noem.

Telling Her Truth

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The governor claimed her book contained more genuine, truthful, and politically incorrect tales that would astound the press.

But in the book, she offers what could be a candidate for the greatest understatement of the year when she summarizes her tale of Cricket the Dog and the uncastrated goat. She remarked, “I guess I wouldn’t tell the story here if I were a better politician.”

Noem's Interest To Run For Vice President

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The Republican governor, Kristi Noem, has been candid about her interest in running for vice president and has stated that she would accept the invitation gladly.

A graphic that read “TRUMP-NOEM 2024” appeared on stage as she welcomed the former president during a rally in her home state. At the gathering, she also expressed her support for Trump.

Online Backlash

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We adore animals, but difficult choices like these happen frequently on a farm, Noem said in her defense of X. This is because she faces a backlash online.

But because she killed a goat and a dog, the governor is currently dealing with a lot of criticism over a situation that occurred about 20 years ago.

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