Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Congress Deems Biden’s Obamacare Offer to Migrants a “Madness”

A picture of Republican Congress members
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Congress Deems Biden’s Obamacare Offer to Migrants a “Madness”

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The Biden Administration recently announced the extension of Obamacare to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This empowerment is set to take effect by November 2024. 

The Biden Administration’s goal is to extend healthcare benefits to migrants. This program will mainly benefit migrants who arrived in the country as children. However, Republicans kicked against the program.

Republican Congress Members Kick Against It

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Some have not welcomed the idea behind this initiative. The Republican Congress blatantly kicked against it as they opined that this would encourage illegal migration into the country. 

The Republican congress members are pushing back hard. A representative of the Republican Congress, Nancy Mace, said that the Congress disapproved of it and advised an immediate halt to its implementation. 

Eligibility of Health Insurance

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Health insurance eligibility only extends to the citizens of the United States, but some changes are being made to the definition of “lawfully present” regarding health insurance eligibility. 

Some of these changes could allow over 100,000 uninsured migrants to gain access to health insurance, which might have implications for those individuals and the healthcare system. 


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Political Strategy

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The sudden extension of Obamacare to immigrants who arrived as children has made people wonder if this is not coming into effect as a result of the coming general election in November. 

Some see the extension as a political strategy to get people to vote for Biden, as the sudden showcase of commitment to healthcare and immigration reform is surprising. 

Measures To Halt Obamacare Towards DACA

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There is opposition to President Biden’s sudden kind gestures towards DACA. Some see it as a form of encouragement towards illegal migration into the United States. 

There are already necessary measures to halt it. Approval from the House and Senate is needed to make this happen. It also requires strong enough majority votes of legislators to override it. 

Rep Nancy Mace Accuses Biden of Allowing Illegal Migration Into the Country

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Rep Nancy Maze firmly upholds her position against the extension of Obamacare to DACA. She accuses Biden of enabling illegal migration into the country. 

In Maze’s statement, she said Joe Biden and Kamala Harris flung the borders wide open, allowing illegal aliens into the country and prioritizing giving tax benefits to them over the Americans. 


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Biden Refuses To Back Down Despite Criticism

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The President turned deaf ears to criticism from different angles over his decision on DACA. He refuses to back down on his decision as he continues to show his support for them. 

Biden seems to be proud of receiving DACA as he feels they need the country’s support. He emphasizes their significance to the country and his commitment to protecting them. 

Biden Urges Congress To Embrace Wider Immigration Reform

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Given the Biden Administration’s support for immigration reform, he urged Congress to show support and embrace the reform of immigration. 

The President spoke about sending a comprehensive immigration reform plan to Congress to help protect immigrants and their families. He said only Congress can help immigrants with permanent status and a pathway to citizenship. 

Step Towards Equality in Healthcare

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As a show of constant support for immigration reform, the Biden administration plans to change the rule to enable over 100,000 DACA recipients to access essential health services. 

This is to ensure some form of equality in the healthcare system. President Biden is working toward embracing DACA, as he believes it has significance. 

Between Biden Administration and Opposition

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The general election is fast approaching, and both parties are trying every possible means to win. Some support the DACA policy, while some oppose it. 

The Republican Party is against the policy, and they made their intention known. They see the policy as mismanagement of public funds. 


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DACA Program To Ensure Work and Study

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The Biden Administration is not only trying to make DACA benefit from health insurance but also wants to ensure they are protected and benefit from the United States government. 

The DACA program prevents many young immigrants from deportation and ensures they can legally work and study in the US without fear of deportation.

Observers Keenly Watching What Will Play Out

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As earlier stated, the DACA program is facing fierce opposition. However, some people believe in it as a form of inclusion without discrimination. 

Nevertheless, some are in between. They neither support nor oppose but stand as observers, watching what will happen. They are keenly watching whether the move will benefit the country or backfire in the future. 

General Impact of DACA to the United States

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When talking about DACA in the United States, the program has impacted those affected over the years in one way or another. Hence, Biden feels the necessity to empower them. DACA residents have become integral to American society and contribute to the country’s economy. 

Some even argued that they should be given an easy path to citizenship. However, others expressed skepticism and dissatisfaction with embracing DACA. They opined that the program indirectly supports continuous illegal migration into the country. 


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