Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Antony Blinken Says US Is Reviewing Civilian Deaths in Gaza Amid Widespread Outrage

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The Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, has metamorphosed into a bigger issue that has seen many brands boycotted. The war in the Middle East has gone on for over six months and has seen many condemn Israel for its brutality in Gaza.

The war, which started as an attack on Israel, has seen the country become a villain in its own story. Many have criticized Israel’s attacks on Gaza, citing the increasing death toll in Palestine. 

As a result, the US is reviewing the civilian casualties in the country. On Sunday, May 12, 2024, Secretary of State Antony Blinken revealed that the Biden Administration is investigating allegations against Israel. 

Blinken further noted that the administration is reviewing reports that Israel violated US policy and International Humanitarian law in Gaza. Notably, in a Friday, May 10, report, the State Department said it was “reasonable” to investigate the allegations against Israel.

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However, the department noted that it couldn’t identify any incident that met the threshold of the violation allegations. “It’s reasonable to assess that in a number of instances,” Blinken said while speaking on Sunday. “Israel has not acted in a manner that is consistent with international humanism law.”

While many have called on the US to intervene and initiate a ceasefire in the region, Biden’s approach has sparked backlash from both sides. Lawmakers argue that Biden is trying to eat his cake and have it. Notably, the administration has supported Israel in its war against Hamas.

However, the President recently paused a shipment of weapons to Israel, saying they could be used to cause civilian casualties in the city of Rafah. Republicans accused Biden of backing out of supporting Israel for threatening to withhold weapons.

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Similarly, other lawmakers also slammed Biden for his stance amid the Israel-Hamas war. Conversely, others argued that the US should not send Israel more weapons as it has violated international laws. Sen. Bernie Sanders belongs to those who hold the view that the civilian death toll in Gaza is proof Israel has violated humanitarian laws.

In response to Sanders, Sen. Lindsay Graham shut down the genocidal allegations against Israel. Instead, he commended Israel for putting up with Hamas using its civilians as  “human shields.” Instead, Graham urged the Biden administration to support Israel in its fight for its “existence.”

Furthermore, Graham said Biden announcing his plan to restrict weapons delivery to Israel would embolden Iran and Hamas. Notably, Biden has yet to comment on the State Department’s report. Blinken affirmed that the President remains supportive of Israel defending itself.

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However, the Secretary of State noted that Biden isn’t pleased with the pace of humanitarian aid deliveries in Gaza. The raging war between Israel and Palestine has led to the loss of thousands of lives. According to reports, nearly 35,000 Palestinians have lost their lives since the attacks.

Despite the calls for a ceasefire, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reiterated that Israel will do “anything” to protect itself from Hamas and see the war to the end. As a result of the ongoing war, pro-Palestinian protests engulfed several US campuses, leading to a temporary shutdown of the universities.

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