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Jerry Seinfeld’s Speech at Duke University’s Commencement Sparks Mass Walkout

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A picture of Jerry Seinfeld's Speech at Duke University’s Commencement Sparks Mass Walkout
Source: Reddit

Following a clip posted on social media, hundreds of learners left Duke University’s graduating ceremony on Sunday, May 12, chanting “free Palestine” in protest of Jerry Seinfeld’s speech, who has been vocal in his stand with Israel through the Gaza War.

The clip, uploaded on X, formerly Twitter, showed individuals in gowns and hats coming out among thousands of graduates gathered on the lawn of the sports stadium at North Carolina University. Some of the individuals were carrying Palestinian banners. News media Reuters confirmed the date and location of the clip.

Several spectators were also seen in the clip departing the spectator spot; one of them was seen donning a keffiyeh, also known in Arabic as ḥaṭṭah, a symbol of support for the Palestinian people. 

The comedian gave his speech without any form of serious disruption. He also received an honorary degree as the crowd cheered him by chanting his name, Jerry. He had promised to protect the idea of privilege.

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According to Jerry, many people couldn’t comprehend why his presence was requested at the event, but it was too late. He also spoke about the use of privilege, his life as a young lad growing up in New York City, and the privilege of being a comic actor.

The actor traveled to Israel and has been an outspoken advocate of the country ever since the insurgent faction Hamas massacred 1,200 individuals on October 7 and kidnapped 252 more of them.

According to Israeli estimates, 133 are still thought to be held hostage in Gaza. Health authorities in the Palestinian region administered by Hamas claim that over 35,000 Palestinians have died as a result of Israeli military actions. 

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The White House stated on Tuesday, May 14, that the president of the United States, Joe Biden, supports nonviolent demonstrations during college graduation ceremonies, where he and other administrative leaders will address the school.

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The most recent example of the demonstrations rocking American colleges is the walkout at Duke’s commencement ceremony. Learners want institutions to separate themselves from arms manufacturers and other businesses making money from the war, and they want professors and students who have been reprimanded or dismissed for their protests to be given clemency.

American institutions, including Columbia in New York and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, have canceled their primary graduation ceremonies scheduled for May due to the ongoing demonstrations. Graduation ceremonies have been moved or altered at other colleges and institutions. 

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Rutgers University’s graduation ceremony on Sunday, May 12, saw about sixty learners leave in demonstrations of the war, several of whom replaced their graduation hats with keffiyehs, according to

Midway through the ceremony, learners at Rutgers University began to leave, raising a flag in the colors of the Palestinian national flag. School representatives did not promptly answer The Post’s inquiry.

Learners also left at Virginia Commonwealth University, where Gop Governor Glenn Younking was speaking at the graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 11. Meanwhile, at California University, Berkeley, learners disrupted their graduation by flying Palestinian flags in the center of the arena.  

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