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What People Have Said About Michael Cohen, Who Testified Against Trump in Hush-Money Case

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Since Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer who also doubled as his fixer, took the stand on Monday, May 13, 2024, several new details have been revealed. Cohen has appeared on the stand to testify against Trump as the key witness in a Manhattan case involving a $130,000 hush-money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

However, before Cohen took the stand, several witnesses who came before him had a thing or two to say about the former Trump lawyer. Unfortunately, no one had a good thing to say about Cohen.

Witnesses have painted the attorney unflatteringly three weeks into Trump’s criminal trial. One such witness is David Pecker, former head of National Enquirer Parent Company American Media Inc.

While speaking to the jury, Pecker claimed Cohen was “prone to exaggeration.” While Pecker’s reason for saying that is unclear, the allegation is not a good look for Cohen, a key witness in the hush-money case. Another witness, Hope Hicks, noted that Cohen liked to call himself a “fixer.”

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However, Hicks pointed out that Cohen’s role as a self-acclaimed “fixer” exists because “he fixes things he first breaks.” Similarly, Stormy Daniels’s attorney has no good review of the former Trump attorney. Despite the allegations against Cohen, Prosecutors are bent on hearing his testimony. Like Trump, Cohen has also had his legal woes.

However, he has immunity on state charges for his role in the case. Since his testimony began on Monday, Cohen has answered questions from both attorneys. The former Trump lawyer has faced a series of questions during cross-examination. In a heated exchange with Todd Blanche, Cohen revealed the details of a call.

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The hush-money criminal trial, which started on April 15, 2024, surprised everyone when prosecutors called Cohen to the stand as their last witness. Before the case went to trial, Trump and his attorneys stalled to have it dismissed. However, Merchan pushed forward with Jury selection, which signaled the judge’s readiness.

Cohen’s testimony, which started on Monday, has gone on for nearly a week. He was expected to deliver his speech on Friday. However, the defendant, Trump, said his grandson was graduating and he wouldn’t be available. Hence, their next hearing is for next week. While it’s unclear what the jury’s decision will be, Trump has other pending trials.

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The former president has four indictments in and over 88 felony charges. Of the eight indictments, Trump has one in New York and one in Georgia. Similarly, Trump has cases in Florida and the District of Columbia. As Trump prepares for a showdown against Biden, his many legal woes cast doubt on his bid. 

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Also, Trump’s abortion rights stance, which has shifted over the years, has seen many saying they won’t vote for the Republican presidential candidate. Similarly, Biden’s migrant surge has also become a point of concern for many Americans, who call for stricter immigration policies. Despite his legal troubles, Trump has held campaign rallies, setting the tone for an intense presidential race.

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