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Hillary Clinton Warns Against Trump’s Reelection, Claims He Will Withdraw US From NATO

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a stark warning on Saturday, cautioning that if former President Donald Trump secures a second term in the White House, he will likely pursue withdrawing the United States from NATO. 

Speaking during a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference, Clinton urged attendees to take Trump’s intentions seriously as he vies for reelection.

“We have a long struggle ahead of us, and the obvious point to make about Donald Trump is to take him literally and seriously,” Clinton emphasized. “He means what he says. People did not take him literally and seriously in 2016. Now he is telling us what he intends to do, and people who try to wish it away, brush it away are living in an alternative reality.”

Clinton, who contested against Trump in the 2016 presidential election, further cautioned that Trump would endeavor to “pull us out of NATO” if given the opportunity, despite congressional constraints.

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“He will do everything he can to become an absolute authoritarian leader if given the opportunity to do so. And he will pull us out of NATO even though the Congress passed a resolution saying that he couldn’t without congressional support because he will just not fund our obligations,” she asserted.

Trump’s recent remarks regarding NATO have drawn significant criticism, particularly his suggestion that he would not protect NATO countries that fail to meet their financial obligations to the alliance. General Charles Q. Brown Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, underscored the importance of U.S. alliances like NATO, emphasizing that U.S. credibility is at stake.

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While NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg expressed confidence in the enduring strength of the U.S.-NATO relationship, President Joe Biden and his administration have vehemently opposed Trump’s stance on NATO. Biden labeled Trump’s comments as “dangerous” and “un-American,” asserting that they undermine U.S. security interests.

In response to Trump’s remarks, Biden’s reelection campaign released an ad criticizing the former president’s association with Russian President Vladimir Putin and condemning his “traitorous comments” on NATO. 

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The ad underscores the bipartisan support for NATO within the United States and reiterates the importance of upholding the alliance’s principles.

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The NATO treaty’s Article 5, which stipulates collective defense among member nations, remains a cornerstone of the alliance’s commitment to security. 

Despite Trump’s rhetoric, NATO leadership and allies reaffirm their dedication to maintaining a solid and united front in the face of global challenges.


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