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Upset McDonald’s Customer Shoots, Kills 40-Year-Old Attorney Over “Verbal Disagreement”

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According to accounts, an altercation that began as an attempt to soothe an angry customer turned violent. This happened before the attorney was shot and died outside a McDonald’s in West Houston last weekend.

Following multiple gunshots on Saturday, Jeffrey Limmer, 46, was declared dead, according to reports from local sources. Following reports of gunfire at the McDonald’s, Houston police officers discovered an unconscious man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

The shooter was upset with McDonald’s staff over his order and requested a refund before the shooting. Limmer made an effort to diffuse the situation, but the shooter turned his attention toward him instead.

The Houston-based TV station said that once the two started fighting, Limmer shoved the alleged shooter to the ground. The client then allegedly shot Limmer with a revolver after going to his car. Limmer’s sister, Jennifer Thomas, stated that her parents learned of their son’s passing while attending their granddaughter’s graduation.

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His sister expressed the family’s pride in him for standing up for what he thought was right. When Limmer was shot, before the paramedics were called, he went back into the restaurant. Limmer passed away from his wounds.

According to a news statement from the department, when Houston police officers arrived at a McDonald’s along the Katy Freeway on Saturday in response to gunfire, they discovered an unconscious man who had been shot numerous times.

According to authorities, the accused gunman drove off in a blue Ford pickup vehicle from the early 2000s. Limmer lived close to the McDonalds and frequented it, according to his sister. He was an outfielder on the Memorial High School baseball squad and a quarterback on the football team.

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Limmer completed his legal education at the South Texas College of Law after attending the University of Texas. Detectives claimed that he was helping others in his last moments.

This did not come as a surprise, as he was an associate at a Houston-area legal firm who dedicated his career to helping people. On the Lewis Brisbois website, Limmer was listed as an associate of the Houston office.

His sister expressed the family’s pride in Limmer for standing up for what he thought was right, even while police hunt for the shooter and Limmer’s family awaits justice.

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In a statement, his family expressed their hope that justice would be done and that the murderer of their loved one would be apprehended. They expressed relief that the culprit had been identified and expressed optimism that he would be taken into custody shortly. 

By preventing those McDonald’s employees from going through that, Thomas referred to her brother as a good Samaritan who was attempting to do the right thing.

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