Monday, June 24, 2024
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Is McDonald’s Bringing Back $5 Meal Deals?

Is McDonald’s Bringing Back $5 Meal Deals?
Source: Pinterest

Is McDonald's Bringing Back $5 Meal Deals?

Source: Pinterest

To satisfy customers’ expectations and needs, McDonald’s may be ready to bring back an affordable price for its meals. This price is expected to be as low as $5. 

There is no doubt that meal prices at fast-food restaurants have risen, and low-income customers are beginning to cut back on eating out. However, McDonald’s recent move seems to target its low-income customers, who have a large impact on their business patronage. 

McDonald’s Is Offering an Affordable Full Meal for All

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McDonald’s, one of the biggest fast-food restaurants in the US, has recently joined others in increasing its prices. Many Americans have lamented that fast food restaurants that used to serve all consumers regardless of their income now seem to be for a few people. 

McDonald’s has heard people’s complaints and decided to act on them. Reports have it that the fast-food restaurant plans to offer a deal that’ll enable consumers to get an entire meal for just $5. 

What To Expect in the $5 Full Meal

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The plan is yet to be actualized, but there is a glimpse of what to expect in this $5 Full Meal package. McDonald’s customers are eager to know what culminates in this affordable package. 

The report suggests that the $5 package will include either a McChicken or a McDouble. It is likely to include one of these sandwiches and a free drink.

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McDonald’s Plans To Make Their Meal Cheaper

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The prices of fast food have generally risen, and McDonald’s has decided to make its meals cheaper for its customers. However, it plans to do this only if other fast-food giants have taken the same approach.

Some fast-food companies have been offering cheaper menus for a few years now. For example, Wendy’s and Burger King offer a $5 and $3 full meal, respectively. 

McDonald’s Is Making Move To Gain Back Customers

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For a while now, McDonald’s has tried to maintain the prices of its meals despite seeing some other fast food companies lower their prices to attract more customers. McDonald’s seems not to be pressured to make any changes to its prices. 

However, McDonald’s seems more worried about losing most of its low-income customers to these fast-food restaurants. Hence, it is beginning to plan to make effective price changes to regain its customers. 

Plan for Affordable Combo Meal Options

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McDonald’s is known for its very affordable meals, which start at $1. In recent years, they have expanded their menu options from $1 to $2 and $3. Some customers do not seem to be happy with this development, while others are cool with it. 

These options include just one item for each price. However, the new plan of $5 menu items will include more options, making it a combo menu available for as low as $5. 

McDonald’s Is Looking Forward to Bringing Back Lost Customers Amid Price Hikes

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McDonald’s earnings in the first quarter of 2024 were lower than anticipated. It seems their usual earnings are reducing. 

After this earnings result, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinkski mentioned the need to be laser-focused on affordability in the future. This plan will bring back some of their lost customers amid price hikes.

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Challenges to McDonald’s $5 Meal Deal

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One of the problems McDonald’s might face in making their plan about the $5 meal deal work is trying to convince franchisees to approve their deal. It seems like franchisees might not be thrilled about McDonald’s decision. 

At the beginning of this year, McDonald’s planned to actualize the $5 meal deal, but the franchisees blatantly rejected it. 

Why Are the Franchisees Opposing the $5 Meal Deal?

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It is important to point out why franchisees do not want the $5 meal deal. McDonald’s franchise owners are skeptical about its success in profit-making. 

Many McDonald’s franchise owners feel that the deal might turn out to be a loss in the long run, as they would also have to pay for promotions to promote it. 

The Need To Pay More for Minimum Wages Poses Another Challenge

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Another problem that might impede the $5 meal deal is minimum wages. Many McDonald’s franchisees have had to pay more to address the recently increased minimum wages at their different locations. 

The opposition to the $5 meal deals comes more from California, where state law has required fast food companies to increase their minimum wage to $20 per hour. This is making McDonald’s franchisees have second thoughts about the proposed affordable meal deal.

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McDonald’s Is Making Efforts To Make the Proposed Meal Deal a Success

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Despite opposition from many franchisees, McDonald’s refuses to back down in its efforts to make the proposed $5 meal deal successful in every McDonald’s location in the country. 

McDonald’s has reportedly made a deal with Coca-Cola to negotiate a fair deal with the franchisees. Coca-Cola’s monetary contribution will help convince franchise owners to agree to the deal.

McDonald’s Deal Coming at the Right Timing

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This deal is aimed at helping McDonald’s regain its customers amid increasing fast food prices. Many Americans are complaining about the price hikes at different fast food locations. 

According to statistics from The Department of Labor, the fast food industry has seen a 33% increment since 2019. 

People Still Patronize McDonald’s Despite Price Hikes

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McDonald’s has undoubtedly experienced an increment in prices of their food menu amid the general cost of food and transportation. But despite all of these, they still have loyal customers who will always go to their restaurants because they’ve made some of their food their favorites. 

McDonald’s has existed for years, and it is one of the giant fast-food chains in the U.S. People have grown to know and love it. Some people go back despite its price hikes.

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