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Bad News for California As 300,000 Children Are About To Lose Health Insurance Due to Changes in Budget

Bad News for California As 300,000 Children Are About To Lose Health Insurance Due to Changes in Budget
Source: Pinterest

Bad News for California as 300,000 Children Are About to Lose Health Insurance Due to Changes in Budget

Source: Pinterest

There is a new development in Governor Gavin Newsom’s budget. The result of this has put about 300,000 children at the risk of losing their health insurance.

The state’s most vulnerable citizens are stuck in a budgetary crossfire. This has occurred since government safeguards vanished after COVID-19.

Unexpected Changes

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A significant number of people have lost their Medi-Cal benefits—300,000 children among the 1.6 million Californians affected by the cutback.

This sharp decline coincides with the termination of ongoing covering following the epidemic phase. Numerous households are apprehensive regarding their access to healthcare going forward.

Activists Resist Vigorously

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People are not taking this change lightly. Groups are pleading with Newsom to think twice about his budget. The budget presently ignores the expectations of many people who depend on these necessities.

The budget deadline is also drawing near. As such, there is an increased pressure mounting.


The 15th of June

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The state budget must be approved unfailingly by June 15. The reason is that there must be a fresh fiscal year, which starts on July 1.

This deadline is crucial because it will decide whether the children’s Medi-Cal health insurance protections will be maintained or reduced.

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Newsom is Criticized

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According to Mayra E. Alvarez of The Children’s Partnership, Gov. Newsom claimed that the proposed budget outlines a multi-year, ongoing plan. She explained that achieving children’s equitable health care is also a multi-year process.

Critics claim that the budget puts corporate interests ahead of the interests of the children.

Gov. Newsom’s Tactics

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Newsom wants to slash expenditures by $19.1 billion. He plans to do this without touching new taxes at all.

He stressed the need to preserve equilibrium without undue strain on Californians. He added that during times of rapid revenue growth, they were still bracing for potential slumps.

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What this Loss Means

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Alvarez pointed out that lacking insurance, even briefly, disrupts healthcare delivery and jeopardizes the growth of sound children.

Signup obstacles were removed in the past. This enabled people to have stable access to treatment.

People of Color are the most Hit

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In Alvarez’s view, children from minority backgrounds are particularly affected by this program’s termination. He says that 70% of them come from neighborhoods of people of color.

The availability of basic health care is significantly impacted.

What is the Legislature saying?

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Tasha Boerner, a state representative from California is not folding her arms. She has addressed the situation head-on with AB 2956.

The bill will protect Medi-Cal against any purported discontinuation.  This suggests that lawmakers should also attempt to offset executive budget cuts.

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An Extended Range

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Medi-Cal does beyond emergency room visits. It also pays for yearly physicals, prescription drugs, and other services.

For many people in the state, the present predicament puts at risk their basic access to health care.

Maintaining Responsibilities

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Alvarez stressed that the state’s current responsibilities to Medi-Cal children are being preserved rather than being increased.

The current legislative discussions center on preserving, not extending, Medi-Cal’s coverage in the face of budgetary constraints.

Effects and Advice

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People become abruptly uninsured as a result of the pandemic’s decrease in Medicaid funding statewide.

Chris Fong, CEO of Smile Insurance, says the ideal option for an individual who has lost Medicaid is to contact their state Medicaid office right away, find out why they were dropped, and see whether they are still eligible to reapply.

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