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HomeNewsAnn Coulter Says She Wouldn’t Vote for Vivek Ramaswamy Because He’s Indian

Ann Coulter Says She Wouldn’t Vote for Vivek Ramaswamy Because He’s Indian

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In a new post by Vivek Ramaswamy, he complimented Ann Coulter on her fearlessness on his podcast. He appreciated the fact that she was able to say racial slurs directly in his presence.

On Wednesday, the businessman’s podcast “Truth” featured Ms. Coulter, a conservative firebrand with a history of overtly racist statements, in an episode headlined “The N Word: Nationalism.”

In the podcast, the American novelist Ann Coulter stated that she would not have supported the Indian-American Republican leader, Mr. Vivek Ramaswamy, for the US presidency solely because he is an Indian.

Coulter ridiculed Ramaswamy, who had attempted to become a contender for the White House before throwing his support behind Trump. She reaffirmed her decision not to endorse Ramaswamy due to his Indian heritage but nonetheless complemented his brilliance and eloquence.

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The start of the podcast was Ramaswamy introducing Coulter to the stream before profusely praising her. She reciprocated by stating that he was intelligent and well-spoken, saying she could call him that since he is not an American black.

She then elaborated that ”WASP’—White Anglo-Saxon Protestant—is the American ‘normal’ identification. ”We’re always going to have some degree of Anglo-Saxon in the White House,” she said.

One of the counterarguments in this regard is that of Ramaswamy, who discussed the citizenship axis and asked why ethnicity is important in this instance. He justified his decision by saying that it would help her, and he further added that this might be the right opportunity for her to prove the claims of the WASP background in America.

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Ramaswamy is an American citizen with parents from India, although he was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. That is why he was qualified to run for the primary election for the position of president.

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Another point that favored India was that Indian citizens were prohibited from having dual citizenship under the country’s constitution. He did not object to Coulter’s comments, and they talked about how they both detested dual citizenship.

He refuted Coulter’s assertion that people who have been in the US for generations are more native-born Americans. According to him, immigrant children may be more devoted to their nation than a seventh-generation descendant of a wealthy Brooklynite who acts as though he despises America just because it’s the hip thing to do.

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Ramaswamy, in a post on X, wrote that though he agreed with Ms. Coulter’s argument about dual citizenship, he did not agree with her logic for not supporting him. However, he mentioned that he appreciated the courage she had shown him.

All sides were commenting on the latest episode of the podcast. One of Coulter’s critics called her an ‘Indophobic’ and ‘bigoted’. Ramaswamy used this particular breed of immigration as an argument to support the US accepting Indian immigrants.

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Ted Lieu, a Congressman in the US whose parents came from Taiwan to America, said that he understands where Ramaswamy is coming from. However, he was not horrified by the racism of Ms. Coulter.

The US-India Friendship political action committee was headed by Ramaswamy earlier this year. He joined Trump in a congratulatory message and expressed his optimism that he is the man to lead the country.

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