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Critics Slam Republican Operative for Claiming Image of ’90s Concert Was From Trump’s New Jersey Rally

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Online misinformation abounds, making verifying the facts surrounding the forthcoming US presidential election more difficult than ever. This is particularly true when important allies of the major contenders are disseminating phony photos.

A Republican strategist and Donald Trump’s friend, Roger Stone, posted a photo to X. In this picture, he claims over 100,000 of Trump’s supporters were at the rally in New Jersey. 

However, as fate would have it, if there was such a thing, this image was captured at a Rod Stewart concert in Rio de Janeiro in 1994. After Trump’s Saturday rally in New Jersey, his former campaign adviser and strategist Roger Stone was criticized on social media.

A speaker with the people organizing the Wildwood, New Jersey protest said that there were between 50,000 and 100,000 attendees at the event. However, there were claims that the picture was false and a lie per visual evidence.

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Most importantly, while the former president’s speech was rather long and to a rather large audience, the people in front of him, where the stage was constructed, seemed to be progressively dwindling in number while the president was delivering an almost ninety-minute speech.

Many viewers quickly dismissed that the shot was fake due to the mountains within the background, despite the fact that it is the New Jersey shore region.

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The shot that was posted by Stone, was from a 1994 Rod Stewart performance in Rio de Janeiro. The number of people that attended the free concert ranged from 3.5 million, which was a record turnout for the British artist.

Unsurprisingly, Stone’s attempt at spreading false information received a lot of flak on X. Eventually, Stone posted a second response to the constant fact-checking, criticizing leftists for lacking a sense of humor.

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He insisted that 10,000 people along the New Jersey coast is still 10,000 people. It comes at a time when some social media firebrands are disputing the crowd turnout for Trump on Saturday, May 11.

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Trump has come under fire following his claims that the rally’s attendance exceeded that of a Springsteen concert.

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