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Michael Cohen Admits to Secretly Recording Trump in Lead-up to 2016 Election During Testimony

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In a testimony given in court, Michael Cohen said that he had covertly recorded Donald Trump. The recording showed Trump talking about buying a Playboy model’s story about having an affair with him in the run-up to the 2016 election.

According to the witness statement given on Monday, Trump’s former lawyer, Micheal Cohen, made a video recording of the ex-president with his iPhone before the 2016 elections.

David Pecker, former National Enquirer publisher, testified that Cohen required him to give $150,000 to Karen McDougal during his challenging time on the stand. He claims the purpose was to pay off the Playboy model and Trump’s ex-mistress from speaking out on the affair.

Based on the evidence presented, Pecker depended on Cohen that he had insurance with Trump, who would pay. Cohen recorded the presidential candidate without his consent on September 6, 2020.

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It is worth mentioning that when Cohen wanted to record, he sought to reassure Pecker that he would recover the money. It was also to ensure his loyalty to Trump. Much of the content that has been provided to the jury is visible on the tape.

Cohen spent $130K to clear Stormy Daniels’ affair claim against Trump. The court-released video was clipped except for Trump and Pecker’s names. Trump is overheard discussing the cost of paying off the model as $150,000.

In Cohen’s statement, he said that Trump was aware that Pecker acquired the rights to McDougal’s account of the affair for $150,000. Cohen said Trump was already aware of the chat with Pecker, and they agreed on the figure. At a certain point, Trump could not even imagine that he was recording himself on a video camera.

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In a similar case that was reported last year, legal action was initiated after plagiarized business documents were authenticated. To put it simply, Cohen spent 130 thousand dollars of his own money to exonerate Stormy Daniels and her accusations of having an affair with Trump. Trump has pleaded not guilty.

During her testimony, Daniels claimed that she met Trump in 2011 when she saw him at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. She claimed they met up later at Trump’s hotel, despite Trump denying it.

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During her testimony in court, Daniels also narrated how she joined the porn industry as an exotic teenage dancer. Before testifying, many called Cohen a liar, and he has since become outspoken in his criticism of Trump since he stepped down as his lawyer.

Judge Merchan demanded that the New York prosecutors order Cohen to refrain from discussing the case and Trump in public before he takes the testimony. In contrast to Trump, Cohen is not subject to a gag order in this case.

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