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California Man Trolls City Officials for Asking Him To Fence in His Boat

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A picture of the fenced wall painting
Source: princessdiva59/X

While there have been many stories about people doing unusual things, the most recent one is from a California boat owner. City officials instructed the boat owner to construct a fence around it under city law, which he did in style.

The boat owner, Etienne Constable, from Seaside, California, parks his yacht in his driveway. However, in July 2023, he received a complaint from officials who asked him to build a 6-foot-tall fence covering his boat.

He stated he was not interested in becoming involved in a private property rights showdown with the city. Still, he was dissatisfied with the officials’ reaction to the view from his yacht as an eyesore.

Constable had to fix the fence in compliance with the city but decided, while putting it up, to paint a full-size image on the side of the building.

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The painting is so real a passerby would not be able to tell whether the fence was there. It does not appear like any other mural, as it is incredibly detailed. The Constable said he prefers a beautiful barrier to an ugly one. When asked about the reason for the painting, he said it was one way to make a statement.

He further said that since its interpretation remains open, it adds to the fence’s beauty. He had just realized that he had the First Amendment right to write whatever he wanted on any land he owned.

Constable stated he was surprised at how much attention his stunt generated. While he had anticipated it coming, he never expected it to be this much. He said he is unsure about the city’s response at this time.

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Speaking on the city’s reaction, he said the acting police chief/city manager called, telling him he was hilarious and would like to give him a high five. The police chief said that he would like to meet you one day, offering future assistance whenever he needed it.

The reaction that Constable has gotten from his neighbors is that they have been very friendly with him. The Constable is a resident of a town located near Monterey. If he had not complied with and hid his boat, he would have been charged $100 as a first-time offense.

To make the painting a reality Constable sought the services of his neighbor, Hanif Panni, a professional artist. A Saturday post on Seaside’s Facebook page highlights the creators of the mural.

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Since then, more neighbors have been coming to the artist and requesting him/her to paint more murals like this one on their house walls. Constable added that even though he has not talked with the city officials from Seaside, he thinks they must be conscious.

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