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Boys Scouts of America Set To Change Name Amid Rebranding Shakeup

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Boy Scouts of America is rebranding itself as Scouting America after over a century, a significant adjustment for a group that has long taken pride in its resistance to change.

Established 114 years prior, the Texas-based organization has encountered turbulence recently due to a surge in allegations of sexual assault and insolvency. With more girls entering the organization at all levels, it is now embracing a more inclusive message.

In November last year, Roger Krone became the organization’s new president and CEO. It delivers a very powerful message to all Americans that they are welcome to participate in this event, be themselves, and bring their true selves.

The announcement was made on May 7, 2024, during the Boy Scouts of America national convention in Florida. Here is a brief rundown of what these changes entail and how they impact you and your child.

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The emphasis of the new name is inclusion. They wanted a name moving ahead, which made it obvious that all kids and teenagers were welcome. This was confirmed by Krone who spoke to The Associated Press.

Similar to other groups, the scouts saw a decline in membership during the pandemic due to challenging participation. With over 2 million members in 2018, it peaked over the last ten years.

The organization currently provides services to slightly more than one million youth, comprising about 176,000 girls and teenagers. Membership reached a peak of around 5 million in 1972.

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According to Krone, the organization’s fundamentals are not changing despite the name change. The goal of preparing youth for lifelong learning remains the same.

In 2013, the organization started accepting LGBT members, and in 2015, it lifted a general restriction on gay adult leaders. Following a historic 2017 announcement, females will join Cub Scouts in 2018 and Scouts BSA in 2020.

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Now, more than 6,000 females have earned the esteemed Eagle Scout designation. The first class of female Eagle Scouts in 2021 had close to 1,000 teenagers and young ladies.

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As part of its membership policy, the group declared this week that all young people, including transgender youngsters, are welcome. Last year, a federal court approved a $2.4 billion bankruptcy plan, allowing the organization to stay operational and compensate over 80,000 men alleging the organization of sexual abuse.

According to David Aaker, vice chair of the national branding and marketing agency Prophet, supporters who believe the change is superfluous may become hostile to a rebranding. However, he described the Boy Scouts’ rebranding as astute, noting that it sparks a fresh dialogue about the group without departing too far from its basic scouting goals.

Online responses to Tuesday’s events ranged from happy and encouraging to upset that the boy was no longer in the name. Georgia Republican State Representative Andrew Clyde said on Twitter that wokeness ruins everything it touches.

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In their lawsuit, the Girl Scouts claimed that the Boy Scouts were unclear about permitting girls to join. Following the judge’s denial, the two groups agreed to employ “scouts” and “scouting.” Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts settle down, concentrate on missions, and start working together in 2022.

The Girl Scouts refrained from commenting immediately on the Boy Scouts’ new moniker. Scouting America will formally become the Boy Scouts of America on February 8, 2025, the organization’s 115th anniversary. However, Krone stated that he anticipates the name being used immediately.

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