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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Addresses Rumors About His Wife’s Political Future

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Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida addressed speculations on Monday, May 13, regarding his spouse, Lady Casey DeSantis, potentially contesting for the office of governor after his term ends in 2026.

Desantis, who is a GOP member, discussed his spouse’s potential interest in politics during a gathering in Coral Gables. Lady Casey seems to be a popular choice among voters in a GOP elementary survey for the office of governor, according to current surveys.

When questioned by the media about the surveys, DeSantis responded with a grin, claiming that he sees her enthusiasm for entering the political arena as nonexistent. However, her firsthand experience has exposed her to the absurdity that occurs when one engages in such activities.

According to DeSantis, some individuals have suggested that Casey should consider contesting for office due to her accomplishments at various events. One such event is Hope Florida, which assists individuals on social welfare in transitioning back into the labor market.

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Casey actively supported her husband throughout his bid for the 2024 GOP selection despite the outcome not being in their favor. Some political enthusiasts have often commented on her captivating presence and the inspiring, encouraging words of her triumph over cancer, which has consistently made her the center of attention at her Ron’s gatherings.

On certain occasions, they often come along with their young children, who are between the ages of three and seven. DeSantis, who is originally from Ohio, earned a BSc. in economics from the College of Charleston, where he also minored in French.

Prior to his successful bid for the office of governor in 2018, DeSantis had a thriving career in the media industry as a TV personality, journalist, and presenter.

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In a conversation with News reporter Harris Faulkner back in 2023, DeSantis stated that Casey’s role as the first lady of Florida is characterized by modesty. Casey says the position comes with a lot of responsibility, looking out for the good of the citizens, the state, and the country at large, which requires humility.

It’s not about being in the office but about one’s ability to carry out the duties required. If Casey is to consider taking her political ambition further, she is considered a good representative for the GOP party to take over from her husband for the office of governor, according to a current survey.

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The outcome of a survey in April by Atlantic University in Florida indicated that over thirty-eight percent of GOP in the state went for Casey in a tie against Matt Gaetz.

According to the survey from North Florida University, Casey seems to have some momentum, with twenty-two percent of the vote. However, over forty percent of participants were not decisive in their vote.

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