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J.D. Vance Drums Support for Trump’s Comments Outside Manhattan Court, Says He Isn’t Antisemitic

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A picture Sen. J.D.-Vance
Source: Reddit

A supporter of Trump, Senator Vance J.D backed Trump’s statement that Jewish individuals who campaigned for President Biden should be embarrassed about it.

According to Trump, who is also facing trial in Manhattan for his case involving a hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet in preparation for the election, President Joe Biden’s action towards Israel is shameful.  

He claims President Biden seems to have deserted them, and the Jews who campaigned for him should be embarrassed by it. Senator J.D. posted the clip with a remark indicating that Trump is back on track. And that President Biden’s measures and approach toward Israel are unclear and wicked.

In a conversation with CNN anchor Dana Bash, she faced and asked Senator J.D why he supported Trump’s statements that the Jews who campaigned for Biden should be embarrassed. The GOP senator stood his ground, supporting his party candidate, Trump. 

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He added that looking at the statistics, former President Trump has been benevolent towards Israel. There was security and safety, and the nation prospered with very devoted supporters of Israelis. 

According to J.D., it’s a thoughtful thing and a good point of discussion for American Jews who are concerned about their nation, Israel. And those who want to support the GOP candidate in the forthcoming election because of better governance and handling of sensitive and important issues such as this demonstration of prejudice.

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Dana shot back, citing that it is discriminatory to link Judaism with backing Israel. Also, looking at the concept of the Jewish people putting Israel ahead of whatever the situation may be and not giving thought to the U.S. populace is also a driving force for the discrimination. 

In his feedback, J.D. said GOP candidate Trump isn’t picking on American Jews; that is irrelevant. He spoke generally about citizens who supported and gave their vote to President Biden, urging all to make the best decision by voting him into power come the 2024 election. 

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Unless, when he stated that Jews should be embarrassed of themselves, he actually was referring to them. Sen. J.D. shot down Bash’s reasonable submission, saying she should analyze Biden’s administration results and recognize that, whether you’re Jewish or others, his government has been a catastrophe for the people of the United States.

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Dana asked Sen. J.D., while the conversation was ongoing, if he would agree to the election outcome. J.D. said he would concur with the outcome as long as it is candid, fair, and void of manipulation. He added that he and the other GOP members would definitely agree to the result if it is free of manipulation. I am also positive that Trump will be victorious.

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