Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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16-Year-Old Suspect in Florida Bar Shooting To Be Charged as Adult

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A picture of Christopher Bouie Jr. and Tanks Dell
Source: BSO/X

Authorities plan to prosecute the main suspect in a Florida club shooting as an adult. Christopher Bouie Jr., a 16-year-old juvenile, was arrested in the club for opening fire that caused the injuries of 10 people, including NFL Houston Texans wide receiver Tank Dell.

During a press conference on Monday, May 16, 2024, Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma stated that Dell only suffered a minor injury. He mentioned Dell was mistakenly targeted, emphasizing they had no connection.

The club is located in the middle of Sanford, which is about 20 miles north of Orlando. In addition to the information that was released, the sheriff said a judge has transferred the minor, Bouie Jr., to an adult circuit court.

The documents also reveal that Bouie Jr. faces charges of five attempts of second-degree murder using a handgun. He also faces extra charges for possession of a firearm, even though he knew he was underage at the time of the shooting.

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According to eyewitnesses, the shooting resulted in the injury of ten persons. Nine victims have been discharged from the hospital, with the last one expected to be released shortly.

According to the sheriff, who pointed out that, following a physical confrontation, the suspect brought out a 9mm pistol and started shooting at people. Lemma further confirmed that there was another suspect who was involved in the shooting, albeit in self-defense. The whereabouts of the other suspect is unknown as the investigation is ongoing.

The announcement revealed Bouie’s transfer to Seminole County Jail, where he will be held without bail. Online records show that he appeared before Seminole County Court on May 14, 2024. 

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Lemma said that the security officer who handled the suspect took the situation to a less harmful position limiting the fallout. The security officer tackled him to the ground before restricting the suspect until the arrival of the police.

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Investigations revealed that promoters had invited Dell to the event, and about 200 people showed up. The venue, Cabana Live, is accessible to the general public and still serves refreshments. 

In other developments, Dell triumphantly returned to structured team activities three weeks following the event. On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, Dell practiced with his teammates, partaking in drills and displaying no symptoms of an injury.

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Delfonte Diamond, his trainer, uploaded a video of the 24-year-old running routes during the weekend, showing off his perfect fitness in preparation for this week’s OTAs. The Texans’ head coach, DeMeco Ryans, acknowledged his happiness at Dell’s comeback and said he was glad to see Tank back in action.

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Dell had been having an excellent season with the Texans, with 709 receiving yards, 47 catches, and 7 touchdowns before the injury. This just highlights the ever-growing problems associated with gun violence in America. Luckily enough, there were no fatalities from the shooting.

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