Thursday, July 25, 2024
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California Officials Sue Huntington Beach Over New Voter ID Law

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California Attorney General Rob Bonta announces a lawsuit to protect voter rights at a news conference at the California Department of Justice in Los Angeles Monday, April 15, 2024.
Source: Reddit

California officials are taking legal action against Huntington Beach because of a new law that is being implemented. This law requires voters to show identification when they are about to vote at polling stations starting in 2026.

State Attorney General Rob Bonta said that this does not agree with already existing state laws and could affect racial minority groups such as the poor, non-white, young, elderly, and disabled.

Bonta again spoke about the importance of voting rights, stating, “The right to freely cast your vote is the foundation of our democracy, and Huntington Beach’s voter ID policy flies in the face of this principle.” The purpose of filing this lawsuit is to prevent the implementation of the voter ID law.

Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael Gates, however, is defending the decision made by the voters. He said that it is actually the right of the city under the state’s constitution to put election-related laws in place.

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The voter ID law was passed earlier this year in Huntington Beach, a very beautiful city in Orange County known as “Surf City USA.” This move is part of many of the very contentious decisions by the City’s Council on many issues, which is sort of a reflection of the community.

Despite some Democrats’ concerns, like Bonta, who questioned how feasible or practicable it is, it was voted for by a majority of voters. The details of how the law will be implemented still seem quite unclear, especially since the current voting process is in California, which includes in-person, by mail, and via drop boxes.

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The Orange County Registrar of Voters, which is responsible for elections in Huntington Beach and other cities in the county, has said that it will not speak or comment on the current situation. Registrar Bob Page indicated that the city has not yet communicated its plans regarding the implementation of the voter ID law.

Huntington Beach’s views on issues like immigration and housing have often led to disagreements with the state government. Although Orange County has more Democrats than Republicans, Huntington Beach has a very good number of Republican voters.

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In a community where there is already a lot of political division, the voter ID law is an indicator of another issue that could be a point of division. As the legal battle goes on, the final results, when announced, will not only affect Huntington Beach but may also have a ripple effect affecting the rights of voters around the state.

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