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All About Chayanne’s Private Wife, Marilisa Maronesse

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Marilisa Maronesse is the wife of famous musician Chayanne, who keeps her life as private as possible. Keep reading to unravel the mystery behind her story. 

Being married to a world-famous singer brings two things: fame and public attention. This can either be a good or bad thing, depending on how the general public views the celebrity spouse. However, most tend to avoid the media as much as possible due to the negative impact they can also have. 

This is the same with Marilisa Maronesse, the celebrity wife of Chayanne, one of the most famous singers of the older generation. She tries to avoid attracting any attention, but this is close to impossible, considering how famous her husband is. 

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How does she keep most of her life private, and what is her story? We bring you everything and more in this article!

Who Is Marilisa Maronesse?

Marilisa Maronesse is the celebrity spouse of famous American singer Elmer Figueroa Arce, known widely by his stage name “Chayanne.” She was born Mariana Elizabeth Maronesse de Figueroa and is a native of Venezuela. 

Marilisa Maronesse and Chayanne
Marilisa Maronesse and Chayanne. (Source: Facebook)

Her stunning beauty, even as an older person, has been attributed to her deep Spanish roots and famous Venezuelan beauty secrets. Marilisa is one of few celebrity wives who has managed to completely keep most of her private information away from the prying eyes of the media.

Her date and place of birth are not known to the public, and her early life has also been kept private. The public is also not privy to information about her education or parents, although most reports say they were also of Venezuelan descent. However, the identity of her sister is known. 

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She is Anna Maronesse and is popular in her own right as the mother of Eleonora Pons Maronese, widely known as Lele Pons. Lele Pons is known widely as a YouTuber and famous Instagram star. 

Marilisa Maronesse’s Career

At first sight, everyone notices how stunning the celebrity wife is, and many expect her to become an influencer or IG model since she has the body and face for it. However, Marilisa is not just a pretty face but also a strong career woman. 

In her younger years, she worked as a model to make ends meet and participated in several beauty pageants. In 1988, she signed up and contested in the Miss Venezuela pageant, where she emerged as the Miss Venezuela Latina category winner. 

She may have started by using her beauty to make headway, but she is also a brilliant woman with a sharp brain. Her brilliance led her to pursue a law degree at the University of Venezuela, where she graduated and became a certified lawyer some years later. 

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She juggled both careers initially but dropped modeling shortly after marrying Chayanne. Many believe this is to privatize her life further, as she prefers a life that is not heavily scrutinized by the media. 

Now, she focuses only on her legal career and practices with a low-profile presence to date. The celebrity wife’s intelligence has been a source of admiration from her husband’s fans, as she’s also his biggest supporter. 

Who Is Chayanne Married to Now?

The Puerto Rican singer is still married to Marilisa, and the two have been together for over 30 years! They are one of the iconic Hispanic couples and are loved by many for their inspiring love story. 

How Did Chayanne and His Wife Meet?

Chayanne and his wife did not have a cliche “boy meets girl” love story. Instead, they met under exciting circumstances, making their love story one for the books. The lovebirds met in 1988 when Marilisa was vying for the Miss Venezuela crown of the Miss Venezuela pageant. 

Marilisa Maronesse and Chayanne
Marilisa Maronesse and Chayanne at a younger age. (Source: Facebook)

While she was a contestant, he was one of the artists invited to entertain in the show. They reportedly met backstage, and their chemistry was undeniably off the charts. 

Chayanne could barely focus and talked to the Venezuelan beauty at every chance he could that night. Their love bloomed from that night, and they began dating shortly after. 

After four years of dating, the couple officially tied the knot in a private wedding in 1992. The ceremony was attended only by close family and friends and was kept out of the media’s coverage. 

Marilisa Maronesse and Chayanne
Marilisa Maronesse and Chayanne. (Source: Facebook)

As of 2023, the beautiful couple have been together for 35 incredible years and married for 31. They are one of the longest-lasting couples in the entertainment industry and are greatly admired by fans daily. 

Marilisa Maronesse’s Children

Marilisa and the “Yo Te Amo” singer have two wonderful kids together named Lorenzo Valentino and Isadora Sofia Figueroa. They welcomed their first child, Lorenzo, on August 14, 1997, and the second child arrived three years later on December 11. 

Surprisingly, both kids are social media personalities with verified Instagram accounts and post about their lives.

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