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Marivi Lorido Garcia: All We Know About Andy Garcia’s Spouse

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Marivi Lorido Garcia is a renowned film producer who has built a fantastic career in the entertainment industry. She has worked on big projects like Just the Ticket (1998). However, she is most famous as the wife of popular American actor and director Andy Garcia. Before his directing days, Andy rose to prominence after appearing in Brian De Palma’s “The Untouchables” (1987).

Despite having an impressive career as a producer, her husband’s fame eclipses her growing reputation, making her seem low-key. Aside from being an accomplished film producer, she has a successful marriage. She and her husband have been together for over four decades and are one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting celebrity couples. 

While there is so much about Andy, details about his wife eludes the public. Due to her husband’s success, most people know Marivi as the wife of the Academy Award-nominated actor. Consequently, many are curious about the renowned celebrity spouse. Here’s everything we know about her.

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A picture of Marivi Lorido Garcia and her husband.
The iconic actor and his stunning wife. (Source: Pinterest)

How Old Is Andy Garcia’s Spouse?

Andy Garcia’s spouse, Marivi Lorido Garcia, was born in Cuba on April 19, 1958. Hence, she is 65. Although the identity of her parents remains a mystery, reports suggest the stunning producer’s parents are from Taramundi, Asturias, Spain.

After her family’s banishment from Cuba, Marivi and her parents moved to the United States of America and made their new home in the US permanent. Consequently, Marivi holds dual citizenship. She holds American nationality and Cuban nationality.

Although reports suggest she is of Spanish heritage, information about her ethnicity remains unclear. However, reports suggest she might be of mixed heritage, like most people from Cuba. Growing up, the renowned film producer attended Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, a day school in Miami, Florida. After graduation, she attended the University of Miami.

What Does Marivi Lorido Garcia Do?

Marivi Lorido Garcia is a producer who has worked on several projects, including the feature film “Just the Ticket” (1998). She worked as the executive producer on the project with other talented personalities in the movie industry, including Alice Drummond and Andie Macdowell.

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In addition, her spouse, Andy, played the role of Gary Starke in the film. Aside from working on a few other onscreen projects with her hubby, the celebrity couple owns a production company called CineSon Entertainment.

A picture of Marivi Lorido Garcia and Andy Garcia.
The celebrity couple. (Source: Instagram/@andygarcia)

How Did Marivi Lorido Garcia and Andy Garcia Meet?

Marivi Lorido Garcia and Andy met in a Miami bar in the mid-70s. It was love at first sight for the famous actor-turned-director, who recounted the moment in an interview. He said, “It was love at first sight. I always knew I would marry her.” 

After their meeting, the couple went on their first date, and Andy popped the question. In an interview, the multiple award-winning actor opened up about the proposal and said, “I proposed to her on the first date, and she said yes.”

After the couple started dating, Andy began to make his name in the entertainment industry. After establishing himself in Hollywood, the talented actor persuaded Marivi, his then-fiancee, to pursue a career in acting.

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In an interview, Andy Garcia revealed that while Marivi was ready to step into the acting world, her father wasn’t. Although Marivi Lorido Garcia pursued a career in the film industry, she couldn’t make a big name like her husband. However, the celebrity spouse always supports her man.

A wedding picture of Marivi Lorido Garcia and her husband.
Marivi Lorido Garcia and her famous husband at their wedding. (Source: Instagram/@andygarcia)

When Did Andy Garcia and His Spouse Tie the Knot?

After their engagement, Andy Garcia and his wife, Marivi Lorido Garcia, remained engaged for many years before they tied the knot. The couple tied the knot in September 1982 in an ultra-private wedding ceremony with family members and close friends in attendance. Since the couple walked down the aisle, their marriage has been scandal-free. 

In addition, their marriage is one of the longest-lasting marriages in Hollywood, which has been going strong since the early 1980s. Another exciting thing about the couple is their love for each other, which they aren’t afraid to show in public. They often attend several red-carpet events together, serving fans a dose of PDAs. In May 2014, the duo participated at The Horsemen Flight Team Event in Chino, California.

A picture of Marivi Lorido Garcia and her kids.
The stunning celebrity spouse and her kids. (Source: Instagram/@andygarcia)

How Many Kids Do Marivi Lorido Garcia and Andy Garcia Have?

Marivi Lorido Garcia shares four children with Andy. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, on August 16, 1983. Afterward, Andy Garcia’s wife gave birth to their second child, a daughter, Daniella Garcia-Lorido, in January 1988.

The couple became parents for the third time when they welcomed a daughter, Alessandra Garcia-Lorido, on June 20, 1991. In addition, Marivi and Andy became parents for the fourth time with the birth of Andrés Garcia-Lorido on January 28, 2002.

All of their kids share a close relationship and often share photos of themselves on their socials on various occasions. In May 2020, “The Godfather” actor took to Instagram to share his daughter’s wedding photo with her husband, Stephen Borrello IV. 

While Marivi’s children are doing great in their chosen career path, Dominik follows in her father’s footsteps. Like Bill Hudson’s youngest daughter, Lalania Hudson, fans are eager to see her blossom. 

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