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Justine Maurer: Does John Leguizamo Have a Wife?

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Justine Maurer has been married to John Alberto Leguizamo Peláez for so long that it is easy to think they have always been together. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth because the talented man once married a different woman.

He was already married to this woman when he first met Maurer, but no sparks flew between them until after his divorce. Keep reading to learn more about John Leguizamo’s wife, Justine Maurer. 

Does John Leguizamo Have a Wife? 

John Leguizamo is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, film producer, and screenwriter, and yes, he does have a wife. The talented man, who has appeared in over 100 films and produced over 20 of them, has been married to Justine Maurer for more than twenty years now.

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However, before her, he was married to a different lady. Her name was Yelba Osorio, and they tied the knot in August 1994. Leguizamo and Maurer reunited after his first marriage ended in November 1996, and they started dating in 1997.

John Leguizamo
John Leguizamo. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is John Leguizamo’s Wife, Justine Maurer? 

Justin Maurer was born on May 8, 1968, to Jack Maurer, a financial research consultant and estate planner, and his wife, Rona Maurer. She was reportedly raised among siblings, including a sister named Nicole and a stepsis named Lisa. Besides that, little is known about her early life or family background. 

What Does Justine Maurer Do? 

Justine Maurer’s educational background and qualifications are unknown. However, she reportedly once worked as an estate planner and is known for being a production assistant for the 1994 action film “The Shadow.” 

John Leguizamo and Justine Maurer
John Leguizamo and Justine Maurer. (Source: Pinterest)

Unlike her husband, who has worked in the industry as an actor, comedian, producer, and screenwriter, Maurer has only worked in the costume and wardrobe department as a customer. Other than that, she has acted as an extra in some films. 

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Much recently, Justine Maurer appeared as herself in the 2023 “White House Correspondents’ Dinner,” making it one of the few times she’s been before a camera on a set. 

How Did Justine Maurer Meet John Leguizamo? 

Justine Maurer first met the man who would become her hubby, John Leguizamo, while she was working as a customer on the set of 1993’s “Carlito’s Way.”

Unfortunately, at the time, nothing happened between them because he was already married. It was after that union ended that Maurer and the talented actor crossed paths again and started dating.

Justine Maurer and John Leguizamo Wedding

They dated for two years, which led to the conception and birth of their first child and daughter, Allegra Sky Leguizamo. A year later, the pair expanded their family again by welcoming a son named Ryder Lee Lucas Leguizamo.

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Welcoming their kids did not pressure them into tying the knot. They dated for three more years before finally married on June 28, 2003. They took their vows in an intimate ceremony at their lakefront home in New York, and up to 30 guests witnessed it. 

Their two kids played essential roles during the event. Allegra was the flower girl, while her brother Lucas was the ring bearer.

John Leguizamo and his son Lucas
John Leguizamo and his son Lucas. (Source: [Pinterest)

According to sources, the wedding was a mixed one that welded two different faiths. This means it was Catholic-Jewish because Mauer is from a Jewish background while her husband is Catholic. 

In 2008, Leguizamo portrayed Mauricio, a Puerto Rican man with a Jewish wife, in the drama, “Nothing Like The Holidays.” It was not lost on many that Mauricio and Leguizamo shared similarities regarding their marriage. 

When asked about the role’s parallels with his real life, Leguizamo said: “They never said it was written for me. No one’s told me the truth. It’s too weird a coincidence. It made it great, too, because that’s my life — I had lots to draw from.” 

Justine Maurer’s Net Worth

Maurer is less focused on her career these days and is more particular about managing her family. As such, it isn’t easy to put a tag on how much she earns from her work. 

However, sources claim that her net worth is bound to be considerable, seeing as her late father left her a huge chunk of his wealth. On the other hand, her husband’s net worth is well known. 

The famous actor is reportedly worth about $25 million, more than enough to support Maurer and their family. Leguizamo made the majority of his wealth from his acting career, and he spent most of it on his family. 

They enjoy the best life offers but have stayed grounded through it all. Other famous couples like them with long years of marriage behind them include Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, David and Victoria Beckham, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hal. 

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