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Michaiah Hanks: Meet Tom Hanks’ Granddaughter

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Michaiah Hanks is the daughter of renowned actor and musician Chet Hanks. However, she is most famous as the granddaughter of veteran actor Tom Hanks. Legendary actor Tom Hanks became a granddad in 2011 when his firstborn welcomed a child. Another baby joined the list two years later from the same son. 

However, the next time Tom received news of a new addition to the clan came from his second son, Chet Hanks. Chet caught the acting bug like his famous parents, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. He has starred in movies and TV series, including “Empire” and “Shameless.” 

In addition, he is a renowned musician. However, apart from inheriting his parent’s passion for entertainment, Chet learned to be an incredible parent. Born into a family of extraordinary film stars, Michaiah has gained the media’s attention. Here’s everything we know about Chet Hanks’ daughter.

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A picture of Michaiah Hanks with her father and grandparents.
The celebrity kid with her father and grandparents at their Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. (Source: Pinterest)

How Old Is Tom Hanks’ Granddaughter, Michaiah?

Michaiah Hanks is seven years old. The adorable celebrity kid was born in April 2016. According to reports, she is of Greek, Bulgarian, Portuguese, and English descent from her father’s side. In addition, Michaiah has African-American ancestry, thanks to her mom. 

These days, young celebrity parents love to share news of their newborn’s arrival on social media, but not Chet Hanks. As is typical, the famous actor did not rush to Instagram with photos of his newborn’s cuddly hands and feet. Instead, he waited a few months before announcing that he had become a father. 

Chet announced his daughter’s birth when he thought the time was right, and he did not want the rumors coming from a tabloid publication. Consequently, the “Shameless” actor took to social media to reveal that he was a father to a baby girl without adding details of her name or birth date.

Afterward, Chet revealed that his reason for keeping Michaiah’s birth low profile was simple; he respected her privacy and did not want to expose her to the world because “she is not something to be posted.” In addition, the then-26-year-old added that he meant no disrespect to people who post their kids. However, he never wanted people to drag his daughter into the “negativity surrounding his past.”

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A picture of Michaiah Hanks and her father.
The renowned “Shameless” actor and his adorable daughter. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Michaiah Hanks’ Mother?

Although Michaiah Hanks’ grandparents and father are famous faces, her mother, Tiffany Miles, isn’t. Consequently, most details regarding her life, age, career, and whereabouts elude the media. However, multiple online sources suggest she resides in Indio, California. 

In addition, Michaiah Hanks’ mother, Tiffany Miles, is of African-American ethnicity. Miles and her daughter appeared together in the limelight in December 2016. However, the mother-daughter duo has not made any appearances recently. 

While it remains unclear what transpired between Miles and Chet, they are no longer together. However, the former couple maintained a great co-parenting relationship and connected well. The singer once described his baby mama as “one of the nicest people” he knows. 

Chet further defended her against internet trolls by applauding her parenting skills. He said, “I’m thankful my daughter has such a great mom.”

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Does Chet Hanks’ Daughter Share a Good Relationship With Her Grandparents?

Yes, she does. Aside from being renowned movie stars, Tom and Wilson are famous for always putting their family first, a trait they passed down to their children. Before welcoming Michaiah, Chet made the life-changing decision to be a better person. 

While working passionately to change old habits, his parents stood firm, offering him the needed support. Consequently, when Michaiah arrived, she became a beneficiary of their overwhelming affection.

Chet once said, “It’s awesome seeing them being grandparents as well because I was close with my grandparents, and now my daughter gets to have the same experience.”

The renowned singer added that his parents love the responsibility and never tire of volunteering to babysit. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson also confirmed this by sharing how entertaining it is to have Michaiah Hanks around.

While the kids are always fun, the Hollywood stars awarded themselves “the cool grandparents” in town trophies.

A picture of Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson.
Michaiah’s grandparents and renowned legendary actors. (Source: Pinterest)

Are Michaiah Hanks’ Parents Married?

No, they are not. According to reports, Michaiah Hanks’ parents neither dated nor had any romantic relationship. Although unconfirmed, reports suggest Tiffany Miles and Chet Hanks had a one-night stand leading to their adorable daughter’s birth. 

Despite their non-existent relationship, Chet thinks highly of Miles. The actor once revealed that the woman who gave him his daughter is the sweetest person he has ever met.

A picture of Michaiah Hanks and Chet Hanks.
(Source: Pinterest)

Will Chet Hanks’ Daughter Follow in His Footsteps?

Since Chet Hanks’ daughter is still in her formative years, it remains unknown if she will follow in her father’s footsteps. Like “Sex/Life” actress Sarah Shahi’s daughter, Violet Moon Howey, Michaiah Hanks is enjoying her childhood away from the limelight and the pressure that comes with it. 

However, if the seven-year-old celebrity kid decides to carry on the Hanks family legacy, she has the best people to guide her through the journey.

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