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Former Lt. Governor of Georgia Endorses Biden, Urges Other Republicans To Do Same

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Not too long ago, Geoff Duncan—once regarded as a rising star in Republican politics—announced his endorsement of Joe Biden for president this year. He’s pushing other Republicans in the same direction.

He joins the elite group of well-known Republicans who have chosen not to support Mr. Trump because of his despicable actions, especially his unwillingness to accept defeat.

Mr. Duncan cited Mr. Trump’s erratic handling of the coronavirus outbreak and his public remarks to bolster his allegations. Duncan denounced Trump’s dishonest, anti-democratic acts and stood up for state election integrity with Kemp, Raffensperger, and others. 

Duncan was a prospect for No Label, a moderate political group that planned to make the Republican its presidential candidate. Subsequently, after Duncan refused, they announced abandoning their plans to run a unity ticket in November. This happened last month.

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He claimed he had been a GOP member for most of his life, something he believes Trump has no idea about. He went on to accuse Trump of having no moral compass and being a criminal defendant. He threw his support for Biden after saying he would rather vote for a person he has policy differences with than a person with criminal cases. 

Additionally, he stated the GOP will never rebuild until they move on from the Trump era and go back to being normal conservatives. He also claimed that Republicans like him do not have a better option than voting for Biden. He continued saying it was rather discouraging how Republicans are agreeing with everything Trump says or does.

He argued that Republicans are to ensure voting a GOP congressional majority to prevent Trump’s second-term legislative plans while regulating the government. This is coming after several Republicans have either come out about refusing to accept election results or answering the question.

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Conservatives with a conscience should oppose the former president for several reasons, including Trump’s recent Time interview, in which he hinted at his illiberal policies if he were to win a second term.

To assume that Duncan’s position represents the majority of Republicans would be naive. However, it’s quite possible that he’s speaking for a significant portion of Georgia Republicans, maybe enough to tip the electoral tide in the battleground state in favor of Biden in November. Trump should, therefore, be concerned.

In 2020, Biden prevailed in Georgia by almost 12,000 votes. Nearly 20,000 of the nearly 80,000 votes that Nikki Haley received in Georgia’s presidential primary in March came on Election Day, one week after she withdrew from the contest.

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Furthermore, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp are both ardent conservatives who have won reelection in the wake of Trump’s baseless accusations of election fraud, indicating that there is a strong Republican minority in Georgia opposed to Trump.

And when it comes to casting ballots this November, the former president had better hope the others aren’t as rational as Geoff Duncan.

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