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A Glimpse into Actress Diane Keaton’s Dating History and What She Thinks about Marriage

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American actress, Diane Keaton is one of the most extraordinary women to ever grace the screens, with several awards and accolades as reminders of her achievements. Her unique views about dating and relationships have contributed to making the 74-year-old stand out among other entertainment icons.

For years, award-winning actress, Diane Keaton made a mark in the entertainment industry, reaching the peak of her career in the early ‘70s and ‘80s. Being young, beautiful, famous, and talented, it was inevitable that her love life would make an interesting topic for the media. 

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Diane Keaton was born in 1946, to parents Dorothy Deanne (nee Keaton) and Jack Hall. Although she retained her father’s surname Hall at birth, she later adopted her mom’s maiden name at a later time. She developed an interest in stage performances at an early age and took up acting and singing in school plays while still in high school.

In 1970, Keaton made her first screen appearance. She landed her first major role two years later in The Godfather as Kay Adams-Corleone. Diane Keaton’s movies with director and actor, Wooden Allen in the early ‘70s skyrocketed her to stardom. Since her entertainment debut, Keaton has bagged several awards, including a Bafta Award, an Academy Award, two Golden Globe Awards, three national Board of Review Awards, and several other nominations.

Some of her most notable film appearances include Annie Hall, Red, The Young Pope, Something’s Gotta Give, Manhattan, The Family Stone, Shoot The Moon, and Marvin’s Room, among others.

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While focusing on her career, the icon also had an active romantic life, with A-list stars like Al Pacino, Warren Beatty and Woody Allen making the list. Keaton and Woody Allen made the headlines for years with their romance. Their affair kicked off after she auditioned for his Broadway production, Play it again, in 1969. Allen once noted that he became attracted to the young beauty thanks to her sense of humor. They worked together on several films, cohabited as a couple for a while before their eventual split. They have maintained a close friendship since their breakup.

She met and dated Warren when they co-starred in Reds, in 1979. Sadly, their relationship ended after the movie became a wrap. Her relationship with her Godfather co-star, Al Pacino, was also short-lived.


Despite her numerous dating experiences in the past, the actress never deemed it necessary to tie the knot. Keaton has been open about her love life and her take on marriage. During a 2019 interview, the actress revealed she had not dated anyone in 35 years, nor shared a kiss. The star, however, does not feel left out in any way. In 2001, she explicitly clarified her views on marriage, saying:

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“I don’t think that because I am not married, it’s made my life any less. That old-maid myth is garbage.”

It appears marriage had never been in the books for this star from the onset. She once recounted how she resolved in high school that she never wanted to be a wife. A male friend’s declaration of how good a wife she would someday become admittedly spurred the resolution.

Notwithstanding her resolve, Keaton just might review her stance for the right guy. During an episode of Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 74-year-old revealed teasingly that she was willing to get married to Step Up actor, Channing Tatum. She disclosed this after the TV host teased that it was not too late for her to tie the knot. Ellen was quick to remind Keaton that Tatum was already married, triggering a bout of laughter from the audience.


The never-married actress is a mother to two kids, whom she raised as a single mom. She adopted both kids when she clocked 50, six years after her father’s death. Speaking on her decision to adopt, the icon recalled how her dad shared his regrets about life with her shortly before his passing. To avoid having regrets of her own, she decided to become a mother, welcoming Dexter Keaton, 24, and Duke Keaton, 19, into her life.

Diane Keaton’s children marked the beginning of a new era for the actress, as she learned to embrace love in a new light, thanks to them.

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