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Fitness Influencers Baxter and Thievin Die in Fatal Traffic Accident

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Fitness influencers Baxter and Thievin
Source: X/DailyOnline

The fitness world received sad news as famous fitness experts and influencers Baxter Hosley and Garrett Mac Donagh (aka Thievin) died in a car crash on March 10th. The renowned duo Baxter and Thievin were famous on social media, with hundreds of thousands of followers. 

According to reports, they died in a traffic accident, which caused the BMW they were in to “split in half.” ABC13 reported that the driver in the BMW, with the fitness influencers, was traveling at a high speed. They traveled over 100 miles per hour on South Main Street near Fondren Road. Therefore, when the car lost control and hit another vehicle, it veered off the street entirely. 

This was around 10 p.m. at night. According to the Houston department, the BMW hit a sign while skidding off the road, and this “cut it into two pieces.” The crash thereby resulted in the death of the fitness influencers and their driver. 

The man behind the second wheel died at the scene, but the police took his passenger to a local hospital, where he later passed away. Furthermore, the police checked for signs of alcohol at the scene, which would have explained the high speed. 

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However, they did not find any traces of alcohol, and the drivers weren’t under the influence. Ekkovision, the health and wellness product company that employed the pair, took to their socials to share a heartfelt video about the loss of two of their finest employees. 

In the caption, they wrote, “Sunday, March 10th, we lost two of our brothers. The family lost their sons in a horrific event. We ask you guys to please send your prayers to Baxter and Thievin and their family and the Ekko team.”

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Furthermore, the family of the two late fitness enthusiasts joined them in the video. Baxter’s dad said, “We are all mourning the loss of Garret and my son Baxter from the last weekend. We all will miss them, and we love them very much.”

Since the news broke, fans have taken to social media to pay tribute to Baxter and Thievin. On X, formerly Twitter, a user wrote, “RIP Baxter and Thievin Baxter was one my biggest influences to get better at lifting. Truly so sad to hear this news. Praying for your friends and family.”

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Another wrote, “Rip Baxter and Thievin…. I usually never feel emotions for this type of stuff, but this news hurt. Those guys were the community’s older brothers.” Many fans also took to their various TikTok pages to pay their respects. 

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“RIP, thank you for everything you’ve done for the community,” one person commented. Another wrote: “Bro Bax and Thievin, truly, this hurts. I watched you guys every day and was wondering why no post. Bro, it just doesn’t feel real. RIP, I’m going to miss you.”

“You’ll be missed, man. Love you,” someone else said. Without a doubt, the fitness world has felt their impact for years, and the world will miss them greatly. 

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