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“I Didn’t Pay Attention,” Christina Applegate Recounts MS Symptoms

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Christina Applegate at a Comic-Con Event
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Christina Applegate recently discussed her experience living with multiple sclerosis (MS) in a candid interview, revealing her struggles with anger and grief. Speaking with Robin Roberts on ABC News, Applegate, 52, expressed the daily reminder of her condition and her hopes for improved functionality.

She shared her preference for staying home and dealing with MS privately, stating, “That’s kind of how I’m dealing with it, by not going anywhere,” emphasizing the difficulty of coping with the disease.

Applegate’s battle with MS began in 2021 while filming Netflix’s “Dead to Me” and worsened over time. Initially experiencing tingling in her toes, she eventually found herself unable to walk without assistance.

Selma Blair, who also battles MS, urged Applegate to seek screening after noticing her difficulties walking. Reflecting on her symptoms, Applegate recalled moments of imbalance and numbness during filming.

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Applegate told Roberts, “I’m not putting a timestamp on it. I’m never going to wake up and go, ‘This is awesome.’ I’m just going to tell you that. It’s not going to happen. I wake up, and I’m reminded of it every day.”

Applegate ultimately admitted she “might get to a place where I will function a little bit better,” but she understands there is an emotional road ahead. “Right now, I’m isolating,” Applegate explained. “And that’s how I’m dealing with it: not going anywhere because I don’t want to do it. It’s hard.”

MS is an autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system. Its symptoms include muscle weakness, coordination problems, fatigue, and speech difficulties. Applegate highlighted the disease’s invisible nature and the challenge of explaining its impact to others.

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Despite excruciating pain, she has adapted to her condition, attributing her resilience to support from friends like Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who also deals with MS. Applegate and Sigler are launching a podcast called “MeSsy,” aiming to provide listeners with an intimate glimpse into their lives.

The podcast promises unscripted conversations that reflect the messy reality of living with MS. Applegate expressed gratitude for Sigler’s support and acknowledged her role in helping her navigate the disease’s challenges.

The podcast marks a new chapter for Applegate, offering an opportunity to shed the persona she has maintained for decades. With newfound honesty and vulnerability, she hopes to connect with listeners on a deeper level.

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Applegate’s journey with MS has been marked by public moments, including her barefoot appearance at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony and her humorous take on her “new normal” during a guest appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Despite MS’s challenges, Applegate maintains her trademark humor as a coping mechanism to make others feel at ease around her. Her resilience and openness inspire many facing similar struggles. She remains determined to navigate her illness with grace and humor.

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