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You Should Avoid These Fast Food Chains At All Costs

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You Should Avoid These Fast Food Chains At All Costs

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Fast food franchises are more popular among consumers than other dining establishments or even home cooking because of how quick and easy it is to prepare meals there, how uniform the food tastes, and how simple it is.


It is therefore important to identify which fast food chains one should not patronize when in operation. Due to high amounts of junk food and doubtful additives, some of the fast foods are more dangerous for health. So in this article, we are going to reveal the worst fast foods to eat and why you should not touch them.


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McDonald’s is a well-known brand around the world, but unfortunately, the organization serves foods that are not very healthy for consumption. 


Lately, a lot of individuals have stopped going to McDonald’s. A Big Mac meal now costs $17.59 pre-tax, despite the fast food chain’s efforts to win back customers by offering $5 meal discounts. Despite this, the corporation has continued to raise prices.


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The phrase ‘finger-licking’ good’ used by KFC is quite misleading because most of their foods are oily and rich in calories. 


They specialize in fried chicken and other processed meats, which are not ideal for those who are concerned about their health.

Taco Bell

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Taco Bell’s menu presents an array of highly processed food with extremely high levels of salt, sugar, and preservatives. Whether it is their Doritos Locos Tacos or their Crunchwrap Supremes, their dishes are highly processed and barely healthy at all. 


Also, customers are not pleased that Taco Bell chose to increase its prices and make certain menu adjustments. Customers used to get sauces for free, but now they have to pay for them, even if its pricing is reportedly still lower than those of its rivals.


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While Arby’s primarily exists in the roast beef market, they have a lot of processed meats and high-calorie side items. 


The worst offenders are their curly fries and onion rings which are rich in fat and sodium.


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Although Wendy’s is likely healthier than some other fast food chains, their food items are still full of processed meats and sugary beverages.


Since 2000, Wendy’s customer satisfaction rating has undergone significant fluctuations. It was 70 at the beginning and peaked in 2013 at 79. Since then, it has fluctuated a little, but after two years at 73, Wendy’s supervisors probably appreciate the increase.

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Dairy Queen

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A Dairy Queen’s soft-serve may seem like something out of childhood, but the sugar in them is not so innocent. 


Their Blizzard drinks are loaded with extra sugars and flavors and are therefore not very healthy for those who are keen on observing their sugar consumption.

Carl’s Jr.

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Carl’s Jr. offers a selection of dreadful meals to the consumer, ranging from ‘killer’ burgers to chemically enriched chicken sandwiches. 


Their Six Dollar Burger is a strong example because it contains more than a thousand calories and 30 grams of fat. 

Burger King

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Burger King’s customer satisfaction score increased by 1% from 75 in 2022 to 76 in 2023, indicating some growth over the last year. Customer satisfaction for the fast food chain was poor, to begin with. 


In 2000, it was rated 67, and a year later, it dropped to 65. With only a few downs, it has largely been rising steadily since then. In 2017, the highest rating it had was 77.

Little Caesars

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The consumer satisfaction level of Little Caesars has also declined. A 1% drop from 75 to 74 represents the pizza restaurant’s score. It has previously gotten a lower score of 69 in 2000 than it does now. 


From 2017 onward, the fast food chain’s quality has been steadily declining by one or two points annually, with a peak of 82 between 2012 and 2013.


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One issue exists with Subway, despite being a healthier alternative to other fast-food chains. 


This is because the restaurant’s marketing conveys the idea that many patrons should eat there by themselves, perhaps stopping by for a quick bite during their workday rather than joining friends and family for a meal. Subway’s score could rise a bit if this were to alter.

White Castle

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One thing to note about the food at White Castle is that the sliders, though small in portion, are usually high in calories and sodium. 


Their menu offers a lot of sugar-sweetened beverages, which are not ideal choices for healthy individuals. 

Prioritizing Your Health

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One cannot but agree that staying away from fast food chains at all is practically unrealizable but which ones should one stay away from at any cost? 


To be more precise, here is how you can go about avoiding the unhealthiest fast food chains. There’s no reason why you cannot make better choices for your body and your palate.

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