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Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper’s Relationship Grows Stronger After Nine Months Together

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Your favorite couple is experiencing a summer filled with romance while their relationship continues flourishing. I am talking about none other than Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper. After nine months together, sources reveal that the couple is in a committed and loving relationship.

What’s more, Hadid is super satisfied with her baby boo. Initially, many doubted the longevity of their connection. While that was pretty understandable, the duo shocked fans with their deep dedication to each other.

Despite hectic schedules, the duo consistently make time for themselves and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. 

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Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper’s Growing Relationship

Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper are not only surviving but thriving as a couple, making their relationship a top priority. An insider noted that one thing that keeps their relationship going is the frequent balancing of serious discussions with lots of humor. That’s a must-have skill for all couples, really.

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Hadid and Cooper’s social life is equally robust, with the couple enjoying the company of mutual friends. Notably, Hadid had long admired Cooper before they officially became an item. Since they became official, family life has been a major point of connection for them, with each admiring their successes and sharing the experience of raising children. 

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It’s no news that Hadid has a 3-year-old daughter named Khai from her previous relationship with Zayn Malik. On the other hand, Cooper has a 7-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine, with his ex-girlfriend, Irina Shayk. Sharing the same experience as parents further enhances their mutual understanding and respect.

Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper Keep Pressing Necks

The first time we noticed Hadid and boo was during their casual date at New York City’s renowned Italian restaurant, Via Carota. Their connection was truly undeniable. It wasn’t long before they were spotted again at the same eatery, sharing a passionate kiss while dining with “Queer Eye” stars Antoni Porowski and Tan France.

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Apart from the dates, the duo gave us a sneak peek of their lovey-dovey moments when they attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show in Paris. Cooper was seen enjoying the concert, even showing us his “dad dance” moves, much to the amusement of onlookers. 

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Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper’s Growing Affection

A few weeks after their charming dance during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert in Paris, Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper were again seen enjoying each other’s company. This time, it was at the BottleRock Food and Music Festival in Napa Valley. 

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Their dance moves were more synchronized as they kept vibing to Stevie Nicks’s performance of “Dreams,” holding hands and singing along. At one point, Cooper wrapped his arm around Hadid’s back, making onlookers “awww” at their growing affection.

The couple matched in rhythm and style. Hadid wore a white hoodie, sunglasses, and a blue baseball cap for the festival over her blonde bob. On the other hand, Cooper complimented her casual look with a white shirt and aviators. Their coordinated outfits even added to their chemistry.

The day after their festival outing, Cooper was preparing Philly cheesesteaks with his business partner, Danny DiGiampietro, at their Danny and Coop’s Cheesesteaks stand. Later, he surprised the crowd by joining Pearl Jam on stage for a duet of “Maybe It’s Time,” a song he recorded for his 2018 film, “A Star is Born.”

These public appearances and shared activities are just a sneak peek of the deepening connection between Hadid and Cooper. We love how they blend personal interests, enjoy public outings, and support each other’s endeavors. It speaks volumes about the strength and versatility of their relationship.

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