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10 Short White Nail Looks to Rock All Summer

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What time is it? Summertime! The best time to switch up your nail game. Say goodbye to bold and bright manicure and pedicure colors. Embrace the beauty of white nails. White nails offer a classic and chic appeal. It suits just any skin color. Do you know what else makes white nails cool?

White Short Nails
Source: Pinterest

It’s the fact that you can choose to do just anything with your nails. You can either decide to wear just the white nails, create a design on them, or add a different color to them. Whatever you choose will still come out beautiful. In case you aren’t sure what would be perfect for summer, here’s a list of 10 short white nail looks to rock all summer.

Scritch Scratch Mismatch Nails

A picture of Scritch scratch mismatch nails
Source: @madnails/Instagram

If you’d like an edgy look for summer, you can try out a scritch scratch mismatch nail design. For this look, you can use black nail polish alongside your white nails. This nail design adds a pop of color to your nails. It also adds some sort of playfulness with the abstract designs on each nail.

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Double French Crisp Short Nails

A picture showing Double French Crisp Short Nails
Source: Pinterest

This nail look is inspired by Nailing Hollywood artist Hang Nguyen. Double French crisp short nails are perfect for anyone who loves classic French manicures but wants to add some flair. To achieve this look, you’ll need to use French tip stencils. These stencils make achieving the perfect arch or creating any design easy.

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Black-and-White Mismatch

A picture showing black and white mismatch nail
Source: Pinterest

Nailing Hollywood artist Rachel Joseph inspired this short nail look. This white nail look is best for anyone who loves bold designs. For this design, black and white nail polish is used to create checker prints, cow prints, smiley faces, and much more. One beauty about these nails is that no two nails are usually the same. Every nail has a peculiar design.

Hungry Caterpillar Nails

A picture of hungry caterpillar nails
Source; Pinterest

This nail art features bright colors and artistic design. The Hungry Caterpillar nail art was created by manicurist Morgan A. Dixon. This short nail look usually starts with a white base followed by colorful fruits or a caterpillar-shaped design on each nail. These designs usually have different colors.

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Citrus Nails

A picture showing Citrus Nails
Source: Pinterest

From the name, you already have an idea that this nail look features various citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. For your summer nail look, you can get various citrus nail art and stick it to your white nails. You can also DIY the look using a fine-lining nail art brush.

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Neutral Ombré Nails

If you aren’t looking for a bold white nail look, you can go for this minimalist look. For this look, you can choose an ombré nude-to-white fade or vice versa. You necessarily don’t have to go to the salon to get this nail look done; you can DIY this look.

A picture of ombre nails
source: Pinterest

All you need to do is start with your base coat, get a sponge, and paint white and nude nail polish horizontally. Once that’s done, you can dab it on your nails.

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Scalloped French Heart Nails

A picture showing Scalloped French Heart white nail looks
Source: Pinterest

This nail look is almost similar to the double French crisp nails. However, this look has a scalloped tip. Manicurist Hang Nguyen posted a video on her Instagram page where she created this look with a bobby pin and a nail art brush. She made the French tip with the pin and the heart accents with the nail art brush.

Seashell Nails

A picture of Seashell white nail look
Source: @THEHANGEDIT/Instagram

Celebrity manicurist Betina Goldstein created this look. This short white nail look is easy and you can do it at home. All you need to get are tiny seashells, a base coat, and your white nail polish. To create this look, you need to apply your base coat and then your white nail polish. Once this is done, you can decide the nails to which you’d like to glue the tiny seashells.

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Solid White Nails

 A picture of solid white nails
Source; Pinterest

Even without a design on your white nails, you can still rock them perfectly. Short white nails can pop against any skin. When settling for this short nail look, you can decide to settle for any nail shape of your choice.

Pastel Neon Floral Nails

Pastel Neon Floral Nails
Source: Pinterest

This short nail look is inspired by Dixon. For this white nail look, you can make use of any color of your choice for the floral art. You can also make the design a bit fun by choosing different floral designs for each nail. However, after designing, you’ll have to add a matte top coat to it.

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