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Taylor Swift Fans Cause Another Earthquake in the UK

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As a Swiftie, it’s no news that your fave is widely recognized for her ability to captivate audiences, and her recent performances in the U.K. have literally been earth-shaking. A British Geological Survey (BGS) report revealed that a seismic activity was detected in the area of her sold-out concerts at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium on June 7.

Taylor Momsen
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The seismic activity became more pronounced during her performance of “Ready For It?”, “Cruel Summer,” and “Champagne Problems.” The seismic activity, which resulted in a small earthquake, was recorded approximately four miles from the venue. Indeed, all Swifties usually come to their fave’s concerts with immense energy and enthusiasm.

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Taylor Swift’s Concerts Cause Seismic Activity in the U.K.

Just so you know, Taylor Swift’s concerts are both musical and ground-breaking. The BGS noted that the recent concert saw the most vigorous dancing, resulting in detectable seismic activity. 

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Well, the chilly weather that day slightly dampened the crowd’s vibes, as even Swift was visibly affected by the crowd. But did it stop the crowd from shaking the earth? Hell, no! Swifties, known for their boundless energy, have a history of causing “Swift Quakes.”

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Taylor Swift’s Groundbreaking U.K. Tour Sets New Records

Taylor Swift’s U.K. tour began with impressive performances, kicking off a 17-show run that will culminate with an unprecedented eight-night stint at London’s Wembley Stadium. This extensive “Eras Tour,” encompassing 152 dates worldwide, will most likely become the highest-grossing concert tour in history. This is due to its projections estimating over $2 billion in revenue by its end in December. In Edinburgh, Swift captivated around 200,000 fans over several nights, with attendees traveling from around the globe to experience her three-hour spectacle.

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Taylor Momsen
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The opening night drew nearly 73,000 fans, setting a new record for the largest stadium concert in Scottish history. It exceeded the previous record held by Harry Styles with 65,000 attendees the previous summer. According to Scottish Rugby, Swift’s performance on Friday, June 7, was particularly dynamic, with seismic data showing a peak ground movement of 23.4 nanometres (nm). This slightly edged out the movements recorded on June 8 and June 9, which were 22.8 nm and 23.3 nm, respectively. 

The highlight came during Swift’s “…Ready For It? performance,” where the crowd’s enthusiastic dancing, clocking in at 160 beats per minute, generated approximately 80 kW of power—equivalent to the output of 10-16 car batteries.

The British Geological Survey’s (BGS) susceptible detectors captured the immense excitement of Taylor Swift’s fans from miles away. BGS seismologist Callum Harrison noted that it is incredible that they can remotely measure the reactions of thousands of concert-goers through data. He further mentioned that investigating seismic activity induced by such a unique phenomenon is usually an exhilarating experience.

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Previous Records of Seismic Events Caused by Swifties

In 2011, an NFL playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints at Seattle’s Qwest Field caused measurable ground shaking, which was famously dubbed the “Beast Quake.” Scientists decided to look into this crowd-induced tremor, which earned Lynch his “Beast Quake” nickname. Last July, during Taylor Swift’s performance in Seattle, the crowd’s excitement made a magnitude of 2.3 on the Richter scale. Similar tremors were detected in August after her six sold-out shows at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood

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Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, a geology professor at Western Washington University, noted that the ground shaking during the recent Swift concert was about twice as intense as the original “Beast Quake.” She told CBS News that, unlike the brief excitement during the football game, the tremors from Swift’s concert lasted for hours, indicating the sustained energy of her fans. As it stands, we have to anticipate more quakes from Swifties, as Taylor Swift’s “Eras” tour will conclude in December. Prepare yourself for more seismic events!

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